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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact SingSnap Support?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please send a private message to SingSnap Support or send an email to our address!

Posted by: Novella Last update: 2020-12-11 16:10:54

How do I navigate SingSnap?

We've created a brief video to show you how to navigate SingSnap and find all of your 'stuff' such as Recordings, Inner Circles, Favorites, etc., You can click here to watch the video.

Posted by: Novella Last update: 2021-11-23 15:02:26

Why can’t I get my recordings to sync?

Learning the sync system can take some practice. Each sync adjustment is 10 (small button) or 20 (large button) milliseconds, so it’s a very small adjustment. This allows for very fine control of sync, but it does mean it will take some time to find your general sync range. We recommend starting off by going -20 to -60 at a time until you get close then you can adjust in smaller increments until you find the sync. Many people will have a sync of -150 or greater, and the system will start you out at -150 as a baseline.

One problem we've heard about is what we call "sync chasing". The options we have to replace the old Flash Player based mixer have some unfortunate limitations. The main one is that we cannot give you as accurate a preview as before. The preview can vary by about 10-20 milliseconds. This can cause you to get into a sync chasing loop. To avoid this we recommend adjusting until you feel the sync is very close. Even if it's not perfect go ahead and save the recording. If needed you can then go back and remix to adjust and fine tune. This will prevent you from getting into a sync chasing scenario where you never find the right sync due to the preview variance.

Posted by: SingSnapSupport Last update: 2021-04-01 08:53:56

What can I do with SingSnap Credits?

SingSnap Credits can be used in various ways and we plan to add more options in the future! See how you can currently use credits below.

Snapicons are a great way to show someone you care and let them know you're thinking of them. There are various types of icons that each have a special meaning that you can gift. Each Snapicon costs 100 SingSnap Credits and is active for 7 days. They can be purchased from the SingSnap Store --> Snapicons page. You can also send Snapicons from the "Send A Gift" button located on a members Recording Page or their profile!

$nap! Credits to a Member
Sending a $nap! is a great way to show some love. You can give another member SingSnap Credits from your available balance as a token of appreciation for a great sing, for a special day, or simply just because. The recipient can then use those credits to purchase items. We like to think of it as "Sharing is Caring". You can give someone a $nap! directly from their recording page or from their profile page. From their profile click on the yellow outlined SingSnap logo next to their username or from a recording click on the "Snap A Tip" button!

Purchase Promotional Items
Promotional items like colored usernames and trinkets are a great way to spread some love on SingSnap. They are a fun and meaningful way to show someone you're thinking of them and spread cheer. You can use SingSnap Credits to purchase items from the monthly promotion on the SingSnap Store --> Promotions page. Simply choose an item, the package level you want, and during checkout you'll have the option to use SinSnap Credits as your payment method.

Throw Roses On Recordings
Throwing a rose is a great way to let someone know you enjoyed their singing and/or performance on a recording. They can be thrown at specific times during playback to let everyone know what part you enjoyed the most. When listening to a recording you can click on the Rose icon in the player to throw a rose for 25 SingSnap Credits.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2022-04-13 08:58:53

How do I cancel my Gold subscription?

Through SingSnap Directly (with credit / debit card or PayPal)
You can cancel from your payment history. Open the menu in the upper right of the site/app and then open the Settings & Purchases section. On that page open Subscriptions & Payments. You'll see your subscription in the history there. Click or tap on the subscription and you'll see a Cancel button at the bottom.

Through Apple
You will need to cancel your subscription directly through Apple. The following link from Apple explains how that is done.

From The Legacy Site
If you have a subscription started on the legacy site please contact SingSnapSupport below for assistance with canceling.

If you have any trouble with canceling you can contact us by sending a private message to SingSnapSupport or by emailing

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-11-24 12:30:19

Why does the review stop each time I adjust the sync?

To achieve the most accurate preview possible the review player needs to restart after each sync change. You can click on the sync button multiple times to apply larger values at once. You do not need to start playback after each individual press of the sync buttons. To help make syncing easier you can use the spacebar of your keyboard to start playback after a sync change.

Posted by: SingSnapSupport Last update: 2020-12-03 21:51:48

Where are my Private Messages?

You can access your private messages from the upper right of the site by clicking on the envelope icon.

Posted by: SingSnapSupport Last update: 2020-12-03 21:51:13

Can I add themes to my profile and recording pages?

This isn’t possible yet, but we are planning to add customization options in the future. These options won’t include full page backgrounds but will allow for color and other customization.

Posted by: SingSnapSupport Last update: 2021-11-23 15:01:26

How do I search for a song to sing?

Access the universal search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right corner of the site. The search is broken down into three types of searches. You can search under Sing (to find songs to record), Listen (to find recordings to listen to), or Tags (to find songs tagged with a specific keyword).

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-11-23 15:00:57

How do I add or remove favorites?

You can add songs, artists, members, recordings, and playlists to your favorites for easy access later. Adding to your favorites can be done in one of two ways. When you see a star icon you can click/tap on that icon to add/remove that item, or you can add/remove an item from a three-dot menu.

You can view and manage all your favorites from the three-line menu --> My Favorites section on the site or app.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2022-03-28 11:05:17

My mic level is too loud, how do I adjust it?

Your mic level is adjusted using your computer sound settings. Here's how.

Windows 10 Mic Settings

  1. Click in the search by the Start button and type in "Change System Sounds".
  2. Click on the "Change System Sounds" Control Panel option
  3. In the window that opened click on the Recording tab.
  4. Double click on your mic device *.
  5. In the window that opened click on the Levels tab.
  6. Adjust the mic level as needed.
  7. When you're done close all the windows that opened.

* If you're not sure which mic device you need to adjust talk directly into the mic you're wanting to use and watch for the green level meter to move. That will identify the device you need to adjust.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-11-29 14:36:44

How do I block someone?

If needed you can block other members of the site to prevent them from viewing your members only recording and to prevent them from sending you comments, messages, etc.

  1. Click on the menu in the upper right of the site.
  2. Click on Settings & Purchases.
  3. Click on Blocked Members.
  4. In the search type in the username of the person you want to block.
  5. Click the Block button.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-11-30 12:45:05

What size should I use for my profile cover image?

The cover image is scaled to fit based on monitor size and resolution. We have found that 1680x360, or any size with the same ratio, is a good size to use.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2020-12-19 19:14:32

How do I distribute GMG (Give Members Gold) months and years I’ve previously purchased?

This is done from the SingSnap Store, to open the store click on the SingSnap Store tab at the top of the site. Once you’re in the store click on the Distribute section in the upper left of the page. Any GMGs you have to distribute will be listed with a Give This One button to click on and distribute the Gold.

Posted by: SingSnapSupport Last update: 2021-11-30 12:42:27

How do I Edit, Remix or Delete a recording?

You can edit or remix recordings from the My Recordings page. Click on the three line menu in the upper right of the site then click on My Recordings. Once you're on the My Recordings page click on the three dot menu for the recording you want to edit, remix or delete and you'll see the options in the menu.

Posted by: SingSnapSupport Last update: 2020-11-28 11:50:29

Why did my last subscription payment fail, and what do I need to do?

If your auto-renewing subscription payment failed it could be that you've received a new card and your billing information needs to be updated or your bank may have declined the transaction for some other reason.

If you've received a new card recently you simply need to cancel your existing subscription and start a new subscription with your new card. See our Help tab FAQs for cancellation instructions.

If you haven't received a new card recently you may need to contact your bank and check on the declined transaction. If paying through PayPal you may need to check with PayPal customer support.

Our system will attempt to bill for a failed subscription payment three times, each try about 3 days apart. If all three attempts fail the subscription will be canceled. If that happens you simply need to start a new subscription to continue with Gold membership.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-11-23 15:06:19

Can I pay by mail or do you only accept online payments?

While paying online is preferred we do accept money orders or cashier's checks by mail (no personal checks please). Please note that payments by mail will require extra processing time.

You can send us a bank money order or cashier's check for a one-time payment of $21.00 for one month or $120.00 for one year (amounts include a $9 admin fee and are in US Dollars) payable to SingSnap Corp. Canadian customers please see Canada Tax Rates below for rates including tax. Take special note that any money order must be in US dollars and negotiable in Canada otherwise we will have to return it (a United States Postal Service - postal money order, is not negotiable in Canada for example).

Send money orders or cashier's checks to the following address:

SingSnap Corporation
Suite M1024, 27 Auriga Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario
K2E 0B1

!!! Be sure to include your contact info and the username you want to be Gold. !!!

Canada Tax Rates
If you are a Canadian resident, please see the following prices, in US Dollars, including tax:

Ontario (13% HST)
1 Month: $23.73
1 Year: $145.77

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (15% HST)
1 Month: $24.15
1 Year: $148.35

All Other Provinces (5% HST)
1 Month: $22.05
1 Year: $135.45

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-10-26 12:51:47

Why am I seeing "NotAllowedError: Permission denied" when I try to record?

Generally, this is caused when permissions for the mic and/or webcam have been denied. Clearing your browser cache and cookies will ensure the settings are removed so you can allow permission the next time you try to record.

Click your browser below for instructions to delete cookies:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

    After clearing your cookies and cache it's a good practice to restart your computer and then try to record again, making sure you watch for and allow any permission popups.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-11-23 15:03:59

How do I change my profile picture?

You can add or change your profile picture from your profile page. Click on your current profile picture in the upper right of the website, or from the top of the menu. In the upper right of your profile page, you'll see a large edit pencil icon. Click on the large pencil icon to edit your profile picture and info.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-11-23 15:06:52

How can I share my recordings?

You can share a recording using the Share button that's shown to the right of the song player when you're viewing a recording. A link is available that you can share anywhere and additional social sharing buttons are available for quick sharing to popular services like Facebook and Twitter.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2021-01-31 11:57:56

How do I add, update or delete my status message?

You can manage your status message from your profile page. Here's how.

  1. Open the three-line menu button in the top right of the site or app.
  2. Go to your profile from your username at the top of the menu.
  3. Look for the "Set status message" text or your current status message and click/tap the edit pencil icon that follows it.
  4. Add, edit or fully delete your status message and save.

Posted by: Rob Last update: 2022-03-28 10:52:42

Where is SingSnap Legacy?

The legacy site has been fully retired and is no longer available.

Posted by: SingSnapSupport Last update: 2021-11-30 12:41:58