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How to Record

  1. Find a song to sing. You can browse through the Sing tab or search for a song to sing then click on the mic icon to open the recorder.
  2. The first time you open the recorder you will be asked to allow mic and camera permissions. Select allow for both, even if you don't want to use the camera. If given the choice select the mic and camera you want to use.
  3. The recorder will load and you can now get things set up. You can do the following from the recorder.
    • 1 - Back Button - Exit the recorder.
    • 2 - Camera On/Off Toggle - Choose if you want to record on camera or audio only.
    • 3 - Camera Selection Menu - Choose the camera device you want to record. After choosing a new camera you may need to reload the page to see the change.
    • 4 - Volume Control Menu - Set the backing track volume you hear while you're recording. Se the mic level that will be recorded.
    • 5 - Pitch Selection Menu - Choose the pitch you wish to sing the song in.
    • 6 - Lyrics Speed Control - Adjust the lyrics to match the music to your liking or to advance lyrics faster for an up-tempo song.
    • 7 - Record Button - Start the recording process.
    • 8 - Practice Button - Sing the song without recording.
    • 9 - Mic Selection Menu - Choose the mic device you want to record. After choosing a new camera you may need to reload the page to see the change. image
  4. Now that you have things set up in the recorder you're ready to Practice and/or Record.
  5. After recording the full song the screen will advance to the review/mixing stage if you allow the track to end on its own. If you press stop early you will see a Review button to advance to the review/mixing stage.
  6. Now you're ready to adjust the recording volumes and sync. You can do the following from the mixer.
    • 1 - MMSB (Make Me Sound Better) Toggle - Applies reverb and compression to your vocals to smooth out the volume and add depth to your vocals.
    • 2 - Try Again Button - Back out of the review/mixing step and record the song again.
    • 3 - Save Button - Proceed to the saving step where you can choose your privacy and other settings for the recording.
    • 4 - Play Button - Start playback of your recording. You can also press the space bar on your keyboard to start and stop playback.
    • 5 - Volume Control Menu - Adjust the mix of voice and music for a good balance.
    • 6 - Sync Button - Adjust your vocals to align with the music. Check out the "Why can’t I get my recordings to sync?" FAQ on our help tab for tips
    • 7 - Lyrics Speed Control - Adjust the lyrics to match the music to your liking or to advance lyrics faster for an uptempo song. image
  7. Almost done! Now it's time to select the settings you want for your recording before you finish saving and uploading your recording.
    • 1 - Cover Thumbnail - Set the cover thumbnail for your recording by taking a new picture, uploading an image, or choosing one of the presets.
    • 2 - Owner Comment - Add your opening comment
    • 3 - Tags - Add tags to your recording so they can be found in a tag search. Handy for a contest to view all entries in from the search
    • 4 - Privacy Level - Choose who can view your recording. Public = Everyone, Members Only = Logged in Members, Private = Only You
    • 5 - Inner Circle - Choose any Inner Circles you'd like to share your recording with.
    • 6 - Allow Loves - Allow other members to love your recording.
    • 7 - Allow Comments - Allow other members to comment on your recording.
    • 8 - Track View - Track the number of views your recording has received.
    • 9 - Social Network - Allow sharing to social network services.
    • 10 - Allow Open Duets & Jams - Allow others to duet or jam with your recording.
    • 11 - Show On My Open Duets & Jams - Show any recording as an open duet or jam on your profile page.
    • 12 - Contains Offensive Content - Flag your recording as potentially offensive to allow members to choose if they wish to view your recording.
    • 13 - Privacy Overview - This shows you who can see your recording with your currently selected settings.
    • 14 - Cancel - Go back to the recorder, you will lose your recording if you cancel.
    • 15 - Save Recording - Upload your recording to our servers for processing and saving. While uploading this button will show a spinner. Do not close the page or your recording will be lost. image
  8. You're done, your recording is mixing!
    • 1 - Sing Again - Go to the Sing section and record another song.
    • 2 - Return Home - Go back to the site home page.
    • 3 - My Recording - Go to your My Recordings page to view your new masterpiece. Note, if you don't see your recording listed it's still mixing. Wait 10-15 seconds and reload to check for the recording. Once mixed it will show for you to listen to.
    • 4 - Report Issue - Report an issue with the track. image