Online Karaoke Competitions

Start taking your singing enjoyment to the next level with our online Karaoke Competitions. Our contests are designed so everyone can have the opportunity to make it big. You won't want to wait any longer to become a star today!

Have you always had a natural talent for singing and a passion for that one song you want the world to hear with your voice? Are you excited about the opportunity to showcase your talent for others? Do you want to make money singing? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then you'll love our contest area.

Online Competition

Do you enjoy the excitement and energy of a competition? Singing online is something that anyone can enjoy while feeling confident in the art of self expression. SingSnap promotes our competitions for everyone so that you, and those close to you, can enjoy the fun activity of singing online.

Our one of a kind network allows you to meet people, learn new songs and show off what makes you unique as a singer. When you really think about it, not only can you listen to the music you love, sing the music you love, and enjoy the friendly competition, but you can even win money. Our online karaoke competitions provide the opportunity to claim your fame as a SingSnap star and to shine as a winner of our online contests.

Now Is the Time to Show off Your Skills

Everyone enjoys a little attention and recognition for their talents. SingSnap gives you that opportunity. You can start by creating a profile and singing some of your favorite songs. Part of that process is recording videos and sharing them with your friends or making new friends who enjoy singing as well. Before long, you'll have a wealth of new friends who are watching and sharing the new videos that you have created. We have something for everyone, and you can sing a solo performance or duets using our one of a kind video karaoke network.

Who Doesn't Enjoy Free Money?

SingSnap and its members hold competitions that provide cash or other rewards for what you already love doing. Whether karaoke is your hobby or just something to make more friends online, you'll really enjoy what we have for you. Since we often host competitions, the opportunity will always be there for you to enjoy a fun event. Whether your goal is to become a truly recognized talent in a video karaoke contest, or just to have a great time on the weekend with some new friends, SingSnap is the place for you.

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