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The Star Spangled Banner

By twhit in the Style of Whitney Houston
25 views 4 comments 4
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I've always wanted to do this for real at a ballgame. Hope you enjoy.

La Bamba

By twhit in the Style of Ritchie Valens
65 views 5 comments 3
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Next to the 7th inning stretch and Take Me Out to the Ballgame, this is the best song ever played at an in-between-innings time. Hope you enjoy.

Let It Go

By twhit in the Style of Idina Menzel (from Frozen)
8 views 0 comments
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Story of my life. It's funny, I've never seen the movie but I've fallen in love with this song. As I said above, it's a reflection of where I am right now. Hope you enjoy.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

By twhit in the Style of Cinderella (Disney)
30 views 9 comments 5
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Cinderella sings this to her animal friends. Hope you enjoy; I've been out of circulation for a while.

My Dearest Darling

By twhit Featuring superman in the Style of Etta James
90 views 27 comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Me and Superman. Thanks for a great song and duet. Hope everyone enjoys.

Hello Goodbye

By twhit in the Style of The Beatles
34 views 4 comments
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Hope you enjoy. Hello. Goodbye.

When I Fall In Love

By twhit in the Style of Doris Day
39 views 7 comments 4
Audio Recorded

I've been working on this one for a while so I hope you enjoy.

Sloop John B

By twhit in the Style of The Beach Boys
25 views 2 comments
Audio Recorded

Hope you enjoy.

Have I The Right?

By twhit in the Style of The Honeycombs
62 views 5 comments 1
Audio Recorded

This was a fun song and I'm so glad I picked it. Hope you enjoy.

I Still Believe

By twhit in the Style of Jeremy Camp
72 views 5 comments 2
Audio Recorded

There comes a time in everyone's life when they begin to doubt that the path they are on is taking them where they want to go. But the Bible tells us that if we keep our eyes on God and work and walk in His will, everything will be as it is supposed to be; all we have to do is have faith that, though we may not understand why the things around us are happening, they are for a reason that will be revealed when the time comes. I went to that place where nothing I was doing was right, nothing I wanted was being given, and I had lost hope and faith that things could ever be good again. I was angry at God for denying my prayers, my wants, what I thought my needs were. But God had a plan for me and one day I just fell into the arms of grace and love, and accepted whatever that would be. I grew up in a Christian home so this wasn't a new experience for me. I was just that child that had to try it my way while my Father patiently waited for me to let Him show me the right way. And now I am a stronger person. I first heard this song during that dark time in my life. Even though things are better now, every now and then when I start to feel doubt, the loneliness and longing for companionship, the fears I don't understand this song will just pop into my head. I believe that this is God telling me to be patient and just let Him do His will in me and through me. I hope that you enjoy my version and that God may send you a message through the words and speak to your heart for guidance and to know that if you believe, if you have faith, all things will be made known and it will be ok. Thanks and God bless all of you, Tracy