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I Need A Doctor (explicit)

Audio Recorded
By MenaceArtz & sweetlalasinAminor
In the Style of Dr Dre. & Eminem...
26 views 4 comments

Helping out my friend SWEETLALASINAMINOR on a duet!!

Major Distribution (explicit)

Video Recorded
By MenaceArtz
In the Style of 50 Cent & Snoop ...
35 views 8 comments

A big Happy Birthday to you Crystal!! Hope it is a good one! Comment! Rate!!

Battle Scars

Video Recorded
By MenaceArtz & superchick83
In the Style of Guy Sebastian & ...
108 views 5 comments

Helping out with Superchick83 with a duet. Comment! Rate!!

SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded
By MenaceArtz
Original By MenaceArtz
13 views 2 comments

This is the first original song I had the chance to record in the studio, the song is called Trust Em. The sound is crappy on here due to playing the song through my speakers but the actual version, for your listening pleasure, can be found here:

California Love

Video Recorded
By MenaceArtz
In the Style of 2Pac & Dr. Dre
36 views 5 comments

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