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SingSnap Original

Audio Recorded by Aper8.
8 views 2 comments

Winds of Change- you see a tree in fall I hear a song.... Yeah I'm little different than the average bear... Comments and constructive criticism welcome!!' Feel free to share if you like but lyrics are mine. I entered into songwriter contest!!! Ends nov2 please share and listen on this link::::::

Slow it Down

Audio Recorded by Aper8.
55 views 1 comment

Watching people these days running around chasing a dollar and not being able to enjoy their time.....Life goes goes goes and we run run run... Slow it down .. Before we go... That's the idea.. Tell me your opinion... It's a first cut!! Thanks to all who listen...


Audio Recorded by Aper8 in the Style of Dolly Parton.
7 views 0 comments

Everybody's karaoke songs in the telephone in the morning right??? Oh I'm crazy

Bad Company

Audio Recorded by Aper8 in the Style of Bad Company.
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Started out trying to sing it... Then gave up.... Lol

The Nearness Of You

Audio Recorded by Aper8 in the Style of Norah Jones.
4 views 0 comments

Love Norah jones she makes me want to paint ... Cell phone singing this morning!!' Have a blessed day people

Follow Your Arrow

Audio Recorded by Aper8 in the Style of Kacey Musgraves.
3 views 0 comments

Love the idea behind this one... Who cares what people think follow what's in your heart!

When an Angel Cries

Audio Recorded by Aper8.
25 views 0 comments

When an angel cries - original by me Written for a special angel... When an angel cries it fills them clouds in high... Thunder rolls and lightening strikes even the devil sighs... When an angel cries.., now angel don't you cry Please listen here trying to win a chance to be professionally recorded with DON WAS and win great quality recording equipment... Just listen on that site and share to help!!! Thank you

Blue Moon Of Kentucky

Audio Recorded by Aper8 in the Style of Patsy Cline.
15 views 0 comments

Can't pass Patsy!! It's a sin

Bad Moon Rising

Audio Recorded by Aper8 in the Style of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
3 views 0 comments

Love Ccr

All About That Bass

Audio Recorded by Aper8 in the Style of Meghan Trainor.
75 views 4 comments

Cause this is how I wake my boys up... With no treble!!! Alarm clock