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Audio Recorded by Artist72 & LordoftheStrings +1 in the Style of Vanessa Amorosi.
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Again not so perfect I guess, that is my singing of course, because Terry was amazing!!!! Thank you for leaving this one open Terry, you are fantastic! And with Terry adding the guitars to it, wow... mind blowing..could not resist but to join:) And I always wanted to redo this one because I sang the previous one some time back while still suffering from Bronchitis and the static ... yes I am crazy! Thank you for listening:)


Audio Recorded by aboverubies in the Style of Vanessa Amorosi.
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<center><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""> <a href="" title="" target="_top"><img alt="TOC Participation" border="0" src=""/></a> <a href="" title="" target="_top"><img alt="Rock Revolution Banner 2011" border="0" src=""/></a> Semi Finals


Audio Recorded by Revelstone in the Style of Vanessa Amorosi.
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If you've never heard this song it's a former Aussie no 1 smash. Get onto Itunes and look up Vanessa Amarossi. She rocks!


Audio Recorded by Cambridgegirl88 in the Style of Vanessa Amorosi.
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Audio Recorded by carenomeara in the Style of Vanessa Amorosi.
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Video Recorded by Faith626 in the Style of Vanessa Amorosi.
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Kiss Your Mama!

Audio Recorded by chicker in the Style of Vanessa Amorosi.
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LOL!!! TY!!!!!!!!!