St. Etienne

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He's On The Phone

By sing4me2 90 +4 in the Style of St. Etienne
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He's On The Phone

By chattycathy52 34 in the Style of St. Etienne
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TEAM RUMBLE~ROUND1 Team MISFITS was challenged by Team FULL MOON Song: ''He's On The Phone'' by St. Etienne I have never heard this song before, EVER! With a sore throat, 1/2 pt. (8 oz.)of whiskey, lemon juice, and honey mixture... (1/2 gone now and feeling here's the song we were challenged with. Good Luck to our Team ''THE MISFITS''! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO MISFITS!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for listening and commenting.. We were definately challenged with this song!! HUGS, CATHY 'CC' XXOO He's On The Phone by Etienne Released: 1996

He's On The Phone

By SPUEY 93 in the Style of St. Etienne
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TEAM RUMBLE~ROUND1 challenge song for team Misfitz : st Etienne - he's on the phone such as it is.....hahaha