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Video Recorded by MrStevieWonderful in the Style of Jennifer Lopez.
42 views 5 comments

Last song before bed nite nite HUGS


Audio Recorded by Momma_sms in the Style of Jennifer Lopez.
18 views 0 comments

Haha* a very fun song to do!!

Waiting For Tonight

Video Recorded by Anjamaus in the Style of Jennifer Lopez.
69 views 26 comments

Theme For All SS Stars~~DREAMS~~ For todays songs simply sing a song that has any of the following words in the , TITLE, LYRICS, OR ARTIST NAME Dream, sleep, nap, picture, vision, rem, memory, remember, think, morning, night, tonight, tomorrow, eyes, move, Or use the letters D R E A M sorry this one take wonder is the only thing what i could manage did so much singin for the feature want try all chris rea songs and now after this my voice is done for singin sorry i know could maybe better here


Video Recorded by nursebonita in the Style of Jennifer Lopez.
33 views 2 comments

Me being silly...... I think its sleep deprivation....

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