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Wheels On Fire

By APH in the Style of Judy Driscoll & The Brian Auger Trinity
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Julie Driscoll re-recorded the song in the early 1990s with Adrian Edmondson, as the theme to the very funny BBC comedy series Absolutely Fabulous, whose main characters were throwbacks to that era. Mmm what does that say for me? Tony "This Wheel's on Fire" is a song written by Bob Dylan and Rick Danko and originally recorded by Dylan and The Band during their legendary 1967 sessions. In 1968, a version by Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and The Trinity became a hit in the United Kingdom, peaking at #5 on the UK Singles Chart. With its use of distortion, the imagery of the title and the group's flamboyant dress and performance, this version came to represent the psychedelic era in British music.