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All Fired Up

Audio Recorded by marywuls +10 in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Be prepared to be blown away with with some rock from my son Mikey....TURN IT UP LOUUUUUD! haha

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Video Recorded by jockoboy in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Good song thanks for listening...

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Video Recorded by junebuggie2 in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Audio Recorded by JessicaD6935 in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Survivor 2014: Round 2 IRELAND/shipwrecked! I know I would try to encourage other survivors now matter how hurt to band together and find a way to survive. This song would give me the motivation and positive push not to give up until we found a way to be rescued. 2. Your SONG should showcase somehow how you feel or what you will do with this SITUATION. Your song should convey the emotion of loss, helplessness, desperation or hope. Please share why you chose the song you chose for this situation. Please share this info in your "about" section. "Where are the other survivors!" I shouted across the water and small island I had landed upon. I heard a few grunts and groans. I found the sources and helped the few other passengers to their feet. I looked around and could feel "This sudden darkness fills the air." I knew we would have to be strong and work together to find help and be rescued. I decided to take the lead and motivate them. I turned to the few that remained with me and shouted "What are we waiting for?" They other survivors grumbled, "Won't anybody help us?" I told them to search the bodies of those who didn't make it for anything we could possibly use. Pocket knives and maybe if we are lucky some matches or a lighter that will work once dried out. They looked at me in shock but I knew we had to do everything we could to survive. I responded adamantly, "We can't afford to be innocent." "It's a do or die situation - we will be invincible." As we searched I repeated again an again, we are going to make it. "we will be invincible." We are not going to give up. We will find a way to hold out until we can be rescued. We found two lighters and quickly set to drying them out. I had everybody help me gather wood so we could try to build a fire and send out a smoke signal that another ship or aircraft might be able to spot us by. Success! I was able to finally get one lighter to spark and the wood caught quickly. One survivor backed off from the flames and started to run afraid that we might attract some wild beasts from the fire. "What are we running for?" I shouted to him. "We've got the right to be angry", I said, "there's nowhere we can run to anymore" Just wait and help will find us. "Won't anybody help us?", one of the other survivors asked again. I had hope in my heart for those of us still alive. I had faith the smoke from the fire would help somebody find us. "we will be invincible." I told him. We did our best to stay in good spirits. An hour after we got the fire started we heard and saw one of the RAF Planes fly overhead. We all jumped and screamed "Won't anybody help us?" We had been spotted! What seemed like many hours later we finally saw a small ship coming toward shore. We were overjoyed and in tears. We were saved. I had helped keep the hope alive. One of the other survivors turned to me and hugged me. "You were right" he said during the appreciative embrace. "We will be invincible."

Love Is A Battlefield

Audio Recorded by silverstream in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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We Belong

Audio Recorded by jppowers +42 +7 in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Background photo JPPOWERS, Getty museum Los Angeles.

Fire And Ice

Video Recorded by aussiejewels in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Shadows Of The Night

Audio Recorded by Kezzz508 in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Fire & Ice

Video Recorded by aussiejewels in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Video Recorded by fromtherock2 in the Style of Pat Benatar.
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