Luis Aguile

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Mira Que Luna

By Tuiqqu 63 +23 In the Style Of Luis Aguile
135 Views 8 Comments 5
Video Recorded

Hi friends!PUHUMME SUOMEA! IN FINNISH LANGUAGE!(Any Finnish friend can be free to join if want) Thanks iidunen for re...

Mira Que Luna

By Ilias In the Style Of Luis Aguile
95 Views 19 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

Yes, it was nice to find the s / s archives of this magnificent Italian melody, which we have in Finland is called "S...

Mira Que Luna

By iidunen 45 In the Style Of Luis Aguile
93 Views 9 Comments 5+
Audio Recorded

I had to do this!Little bit different words...

Ven A Mi Casa Esta Navidad

By MISTERGO 20 In the Style Of Luis Aguile
129 Views 0 Comments
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