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Audio Recorded by wildangels66 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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I sing this one in the car with Miranda. lol First time singing it on my own. Ugh!


Audio Recorded by mandikaye in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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Audio Recorded by RachelRae8 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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FEATURE CREATURE CHALLENGE! My inner animal is a horse because things were simpler back in the days when we all had to "do it by hand" and have an honest days work... ..back before everything became... automatic... ;) *this was a first try for me at this song.. also my first sing of the day! TYFL -Rachel


Audio Recorded by maizemae in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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Don’t know this one as well as i should yet, but hadta sing it anyway.... :)

Heart Like Mine

Video Recorded by voice0587 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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This is my entry for the "Take Your Pick 1 Round" contest. UK Artist or USA artists, I chose USA. I hope you enjoy my entry, and good luck to ALL my fellow contestants!!

Mama's Broken Heart

Video Recorded by voice0587 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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Gunpowder & Lead

Video Recorded by voice0587 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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More Like Her

Audio Recorded by Whit87 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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The House That Built Me

Audio Recorded by Seldy in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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Survivor 2014 ~ finals round 2 bonus song. My Story. This is Who I Am, and How I Got Here. The verses in this song are the various "houses that built me" although quite different from the actual words... Growing up...Although always craving their "approval", I grew up very afraid of men, even my own dad, as I was sexually molested somewhere around the age of 3 by a grandfatherly family "friend". Raised on a farm in a rather strict household with my 2 brothers and then a 3rd when I was 9..We were not at all close, any of us. I felt unloved. I spent most of my time alone in my "little back bedroom" dreaming of someday falling in love and raising a family so different from this. Then at the age of 20, I married the man I knew would love me forever and never hurt me. "Plans were drawn" and over the years, we did what we could to give life to our dreams. I got to be what I always wanted to be. A mother and a wife. But I feel like a failure at both. My fairy tale marriage took a hit in 2010, and my heart became forever damaged. I cried for a year, blaming myself of course. We began to rebuild. But I was lost. Singsnap became a refuge for me. I hadn't been a member all that long. So I let the SINGSNAP house build me....building my confidence, hoping that this "brokenness inside me might start healing. Because here, it's like I'm someone else". and I found myself, through singing, through a very special person who brought out things in me I didn't think existed inside of me. So, "If I could just come in, I swear I'll leave" (I really won't, I love it here) "Won't take nothing but a memory" (and a song and a friend or 2 or 3 or 20, hopefully...) "From the house that built me" I left that first house, and don't have any desire to go back...and still may leave yet another house, the walls have started to crumble as I continue to find myself and my true desires...Singsnap will always be a safe house to come back to.


Video Recorded by tnkrbll86 in the Style of Miranda Lambert.
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For the feature :)