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I Won't Hold You Back

Video Recorded by Rachel_Brown +3 in the Style of Toto.
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Audio Recorded by kenzaga in the Style of Toto.
68 views 1 comment

Africa Toto because I just wanted to sing it totally out of my


Video Recorded by MAMAMIA +1 & RareGem in the Style of Toto.
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Audio Recorded by RareGem in the Style of Toto.
count off 15 comments



Video Recorded by turtlerox in the Style of Toto.
145 views 6 comments

Love this tune.....this band! <a href="" target="_new" title="MySpace Tracker"> <img src="" border=0 height=1 width=1 style="visibility:hidden;" alt="MySpace Tracker"></a>

Hold The Line

Audio Recorded by ScoutSaysHi in the Style of Toto.
57 views 1 comment

Okay, this one's a first for me, so it may be rough in a couple spots, though I've always loved this song.

Hold The Line

Video Recorded by Franky_gt in the Style of Toto.
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Video Recorded by Jami19 in the Style of Toto.
152 views 1 comment

Santa couldn't find his way to Africa

I'll Be Over You

Video Recorded by hargus in the Style of Toto.
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I'll Be Over You

Audio Recorded by voise in the Style of Toto.
109 views 3 comments

Like I said one of my favorite groups.

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