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Haltet die Welt an

By Anjamaus 20 in the Style of Glashaus
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Love the song but need so much more practise ;) first try here a translation Since you're gone, so much ok But it is correct, it does not hurt quite I am truly blessed Had much luck and is great as it is up to the gap does not close the It is a perfect circle of 280 degrees The saving proof I'm not able to grade It is the sense of life that nobody tells me You have to really be a genius to realize that what is missing If God is missing a piece Stop the World, It is missing a piece; You should be! And the world keeps turning, and that it continues to rotate, Is not to comprehend for me, she does not notice someone missing? Stop the World, It is missing a piece; Keep the world, You should be! It is not to describe How it is cold and empty I'm trying not to show How much I miss you My friends do their best But the best is not good enough For me what you've been added, this world is no substitute This is an act of desperation A silent cry of a man full of suffering and his wound will not heal It is the final battle against what it is Like a bird with one wing, which flies not determine It is easy to see and hard to bear How could you separate us, my heart with your name It's the old story when someone dies It is missing a piece of the puzzle that is so not ready They say to me: half as bad It goes on as you see To see that this is not true It Does not detective I can not fulfill my purpose, Like a candle without a wick This boat is slowly sinking, you do not realize: It has a hole?