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The Prayer

By Heathina78 21 in the Style of Celine Dion
230 views 11 comments 2
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Thank you for listening! :)

Just Walk Away

By phashioton 6 in the Style of Celine Dion
28 views 0 comments
Audio Recorded

I wanted to redo this cause in the middle of the song my dog Mortis drinks water very loudly -lolll- and i made a mistake in the end.....had forgoten how the song goes....but since i never got the chance to record this again and i am not going to be a gloden member any time soon...i thought i'd release this finally....in the public section :P

Ave Maria

By Michelena 22 in the Style of Celine Dion
67 views 5 comments 1
Audio Recorded

That's The Way It Is

By blini 48 in the Style of Celine Dion
98 views 9 comments 1
Video Recorded

Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

By Gisabelle 21 in the Style of Celine Dion
64 views 3 comments 1
Video Recorded

Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)

By CountryBunkin 3 in the Style of Celine Dion
24 views 3 comments 2
Audio Recorded

Dear Mama... Even though you aren't here Your memory still remains Since you were taken from me Nothing has ever been the same So much life has been lived So much time has passed by Some days I'm okay And some days I cry and cry One thing that keeps me going The thing that gets me through Is knowing you're still near me I know because I feel you Thank you for watching over me Even though we're far apart I love and I miss you Mama With all of my heart Happy Birthday Mama! I love you and miss you so much!!!

I Surrender

By jules321 16 in the Style of Celine Dion
25 views 1 comment
Video Recorded

Great song... thought I'd give it a try...- Jules -

When I Fall In Love (Solo)

By samhel 46 in the Style of Celine Dion
36 views 3 comments
Video Recorded

Well...I have actually never heard Celine's version of this....but here's my try :)

When I Fall In Love (Solo)

By inky8 42 1 in the Style of Celine Dion
29 views 3 comments 1
Audio Recorded


Magic Of Christmas Day (The)

By Butterfly2604 1 in the Style of Celine Dion
46 views 20 comments 5+
Video Recorded

Thanks for listening!

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