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Leaving Home

By -Bev- 88 +1 in the Style of Katie Armiger
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SSFB Challenge 181 - Empty Nest Well my daughter finally left home this weekend..so my youngest daughter has now gone and moved onto lead a life of her own with her boyfriend in their own place... I am so proud of what she has acheived so far....I shall miss her there is no doubt about that...as much as I moaned about her untidiness and dumping her vast amounts of laundry on me to do.. LOL !!!! But she was good company, has a loving heart..good fun to be with most times...unless she wakes up grumpy... LOL! But I love her very much always will ... My love for her and all my children is unconditional love... I knew this day would come some time when she would take off and leave to lead her own life... like any other fledglings they have to spread their wings and fly...and like most parents you have to let them go....! I hope you enjoy my rendition of this lovely song..I must admit I shed a little tear and got choked up, so had to keep redoing the recording...Oh and this is a new song for me...not heard it until today.... Thanks for listening