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Winter Wonderland

Audio Recorded by NekoMasume in the Style of Traditional.
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Auld Lang Syne

Audio Recorded by Fleurdelys & missyjane in the Style of Traditional.
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Auld Lang Syne

Video Recorded by Fleurdelys in the Style of Traditional.
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Happy new year to everyone

Happy Birthday

Audio Recorded by 49purplerose +5 +1 in the Style of Traditional.
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<link rel="stylesheet" href=""> Happy Birthday Lee aka papa aka Bluesman.....

God Bless America

Video Recorded by lynsbff in the Style of Traditional.
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God bless America and our troops

The Star Spangled Banner

Video Recorded by lynsbff in the Style of Traditional.
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To thed troops

Jesus Loves Me

Audio Recorded by RachelRae8 in the Style of Traditional.
95 views 22 comments

This is my little girl Toni Marie who's 9 years old to sing a Gospel song... :) God Bless you all!!

I'll Fly Away

Audio Recorded by locovocal in the Style of Traditional.
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The Lord's Prayer

Audio Recorded by Ladycutup1 +7 in the Style of Traditional.
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<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""> THANK YOU CATHY FOR THIS: Beverly lost her Brother just before Thanksgiving and also Her son Michael is dealing with a lot of medical issues. So please keep her in prayer. Today Beverly, I lifted up your name Before the Lord in prayer. I asked Him to supply your needs, and keep you in His care. I pled with Him to make you well, and take away your pain; and to chase away your sorrows. Jesus knows your pain and emptiness you are feeling since the lost of your brother. I ask Our Father to put his arms around your Son Michael, as we know He is our Healer and I ask He to mend your son's body. I know He holds you in the hollow of His hand, I prayed that you would know His peace, And have the strength to stand. If you should be discouraged, and feel moored in deep despair,please know I dearly love you,and keep you in prayer.

Amazing Grace

Audio Recorded by SAK1 & littleangel_1974 in the Style of Traditional.
38 views 14 comments

I joined my dear sweet friend, Sammie, in this tribute to her brother and daddy......<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

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