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Bring It On Home To Me

Video Recorded by andice42 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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For the people that forget what being a couple is all about!!! I did.. Now I've got it back.. And I'm keeping it..

You Send Me

Video Recorded by Nannagail +2 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Chain Gang

Video Recorded by RaphaelNelson in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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This was a win-win here. I lost this recording after my Gold expired sadly, but got the chance to do it over now even better than before imho, as well as enter my favorite all time artist into this contest. :D It doesn't get any better than Sam Cooke as far as I'm concerned. Thank you for coming through. If you like what you hear, then "Love It". :)

You Send Me

Video Recorded by MarieM4562 +2 & DrWoodard +1 +4 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Wonderful World

Audio Recorded by raddoc888 +2 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Wonderful World Sam Cooke Don't really have any R&B songs in my repertoire....not my genre ....this is a tough one for I had to come up with a quick one for the "8 Days a week" challenge....I sorta know this from Art Garfunkel...kinda, maybe...... lol...... ;) "Wonderful World" (occasionally referred to as "(What A) Wonderful World") is a song by American singer-songwriter Sam Cooke, released on April 14, 1960 by Keen Records. Recorded during an impromptu session the previous year, it was cut during Cooke's last recording session at former label Keen Records. He signed with RCA Victor in 1960, and "Wonderful World," then unreleased, was issued as a single in competition. "Wonderful World" was mainly composed by songwriting team Lou Adler and Herb Alpert, but Cooke revised it before recording to reference the subject of education more.


Audio Recorded by moboy in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Sing out of your comfort zone

Only Sixteen

Audio Recorded by Yafa in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Ever the man... The great Sam Cooke!

You Send Me

Audio Recorded by trueessence +1 +3 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Send Me Some Lovin'

Video Recorded by Donte2211 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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Just remembering the good time we share here!!!!! Thanks for the listen. YF/Fan Always, Donte

I'll Come Running Back To You

Video Recorded by Rosie66 +12 +3 in the Style of Sam Cooke.
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THE HOUSE BAND VERSION OF THIS SAM COOKE SONG....... ROSIE//PANDORA I WILL ANSWER TO EITHER lol <a href='' ><img src='' border=0 /></a><br><br><a href='' >Cute Graphics</a><br>