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Eight Days A Week

By sukebezizy 17 Featuring Unodos 22 in the Style of The Beatles
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Duet with Unodos !

Here, There And Everywhere

By k8sings4jc 2 in the Style of The Beatles
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4 genres in 8 days. first genre ROCK. I chose this Beatles tune

And I Love Her

By FrankCNY in the Style of The Beatles
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Round #1 - 4 Genres 4 Rounds Rock Genre

Eleanor Rigby

By Mavericco in the Style of The Beatles
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Originally Years Ago Lad N' Lasses... Father McKensie in the Song was supposed to be Father McCartney until Father McKensie was found in a phonebook and then changed. Coincidentally, until 1980 a grave was found in a churchyard not very far from where Paul McCartney had met John Lennon and yes the name upon it was Eleanor Rigby. It must have been planted subconsciously years before according to Paul McCartney. (source: Rolling Stone Magazine Interviews) Enjoy.

In My Life

By samhel 35 in the Style of The Beatles
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Let It Be

By flyingscotsman13 29 in the Style of The Beatles
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For DEE'S BEST OF THE BEST CONTEST Got to be the best rock band ever ... Thanks for listening ... John { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0px; } body { background-image:url(; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment:fixed; background-position:center;

In My Life

By hargus 25 in the Style of The Beatles
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By Hoosiersissy in the Style of The Beatles
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By Tinkybella in the Style of The Beatles
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I am a newbie... and this is my first ever Karaoke... apologies for all the headache I might have caused with this... ;o)

I Feel Fine

By White_star 32 Featuring totoybibbo_3 22 in the Style of The Beatles
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new song for me hope you like it but what a fun song to sing happy new years hugzy cindy