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A Little Gasoline

Audio Recorded by Bigbopper55 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Audio Recorded by CowgirlJas1990 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Good afternoon :) It took me quite a while to get a gold membership back and I am thankful I now have it again. I miss singing the songs I couldn't sing before. I love this song. There was a line I had trouble pronouncing so it sounds mumbling. Lol. I tried though. Thanks for listening those who do. I greatly appreciate it :) Take care and God Bless Jasmin :)

If I Were You

Video Recorded by LilKitty in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Round Three Challenge: You've been determined and you've been hopeless. You've taken us from one extreme to the next. For Round Three, we're giving you a bit more freedom. We will list three emotions and you can pick ONE of them to deliver for your Round Three entry. These emotions are not going to be 'easy' emotions, so ensure you put a lot of thought and creativity in not only your song choice but also the delivery! Surprise - how one feels when something unexpected happens. Shame - how one feels when doing something dishonorable, improper, etc., Envy - a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck. ENVY This song tells about a woman unhappy in her marriage..but from the sound of it, has everything she really needs...a man that adores her. I HOPE there are women out there, that envy ME right now..there's been many times in my life that I have looked at other women and just wish that I had a man that would treat me half as good as theirs was treating them..but now, I have ALL I need..a Husband I adore, & (as far as I know,) adores ME. I feel so very lucky to have met my Husband, & for anyone who "envies" me, I wish for you to find the same happiness in your life that I have. No, I don't have everything I want, but I do have everything that I NEED...That's enough for me! Round one Shut Up & Drive http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b675acef7 Round two Wine Into Water http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/c17bab3d7 Thanks for listening...God Bless!!

Just The Same

Video Recorded by djbro in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Sing Outside Your Comfort Zone.. Round 3 thanks for dropping by. donna

You're Easy On The Eyes

Audio Recorded by Singing_Kimmie_1967 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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I Just Called To Say Goodbye

Video Recorded by Dreamer50 +2 +3 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Yeah......Been going thru a lot lately so PLEASE EXCUSE the way I look! I really feel like CRAP! LOL! Thanks if you listen! HUGS!!! [/background]

I Just Called To Say Goodbye

Audio Recorded by Dreamer50 +2 +3 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Yeap....I love Terri Clark songs too! Hope yall like it! [/background]

A Little Gasoline

Audio Recorded by Yankee_Julie314 +3 +2 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Featured. Nuff said.

A Little Gasoline

Audio Recorded by scooby1968 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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If I Were You

Audio Recorded by mellyp in the Style of Terri Clark.
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CAN YOU FEEL IT 2! ROUND THREE! I think there are times in life, when we don't realize how well we have things.Whether it's being envious of someone else's relationship, their home or nice car,,,we're human first. Or I guess I better just speak for myself,, :) But the older I get,, more mature in my thinking, I really see how very much I DO have. I may be single.. but that's ok.... for now.. I am okay with that. My condo many not be big but it's my home that I can look around in and love all the things given to me by my family and friends. My car's old,,,,,,,,but spotless and cheap to run. I have a job I like and many many friends.......so...........If I Were You........take a look around at the good things in your life!