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Three Mississippi

Audio Recorded by Kygirl47 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Girls Lie Too

Audio Recorded by djcatstir in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Easy From Now On

Video Recorded by LisaLoo60 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Lisa Coker Singing

If I Were You

Audio Recorded by mizjac100 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Some women just don't know how lucky they are....

Girls Lie Too

Audio Recorded by Clara1999 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Now That I Found You

Audio Recorded by jorgesinger in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Singing again the same song...its great! Having a nice time for all singsnap fellows!

Now That I Found You

Audio Recorded by jorgesinger in the Style of Terri Clark.
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Its a magic moment when thid happens...no doubt! Listen me, please!


Video Recorded by rburtcher in the Style of Terri Clark.
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HELLO EVERYONE!! I HAVE NOT RECORDED IN A WHILE...I SUFFER FROM A CHRONIC ILLNESS THAT IS VERY DEBILITATING...BUT I FELT GOOD TODAY...SO HERE IS MY RECORDING. BELOW IS A DESCRIPTION OF WHAT I LIVE WITH. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome/Dysautonomia Imagine lying in bed, and the sun is shining, but you have no energy to move…you feel as if you have worked for 24 hours straight with no rest. Imagine as you finally get the strength to get up, you begin to feel dizzy, light headed and nausea slowly creeps up on you. Imagine as you sit on the side of your bed, because the dizziness has finally subsided, you stand up and as your feet touch the floor, it feels as if a thousand needles have been jabbed into the soles of your feet. Imagine feeling the top part of your feet and your ankles start aching as you take a step toward the door. Pain shooting up your calves and thighs with each step you take. Your pulse increases, and your heart begins to race so profoundly that you can see your chest moving from the extreme tachycardia you are experiencing. Imagine feeling the lightheadedness returning, and the dizziness…and then all goes black…when you awake, you find that you have hit the floor so hard that your arm, and part of your face is bruised from the impact. You struggle to find the strength to get up off the floor, no one is awake or around to help you. So you cry alone for a bit, then finally make it to the bathroom. Imagine sitting on the toilet, praying that your bladder will wake up so you can pee because it hurts from how full it is. Somehow you just cannot go, so you sit and sit…and finally after 10, minutes of trying, you find some release. Imagine…imagine turning on the water but not letting it get too hot, because your body cannot handle anything over 90 degrees or you will faint again, so you grit your teeth with the semi cool shower. Only to feel so exhausted from standing for a few minutes while washing your body. Imagine struggling to dry off, because once again your heart is pounding, so you sit on the side of the tub and wait and wait until you can stand once again to continue to get dressed. Imagine finally getting dressed and making it to the kitchen so you can prepare breakfast for you and your family, but you are in extreme pain all over, partially from the fall, but mostly from the syndrome you suffer from. Imagine that breakfast is made and your family has finally awaken, and are sitting at the table to eat, and you take a few bites of your food, only to discover that your stomach is not cooperating with you, so you excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and vomit the bite of food you ate… gastro-paresis has decided to visit you today. So you return to the kitchen and grab a jar of baby food or a supplement shake for you to eat as you watch your family enjoy the pancakes, eggs and bacon you prepared. Imaginehaving to drink almost 2 gallons of fluids, such as water mixed with salt and electrolyte drinks on a daily basis, because your body does not retain salt or electrolytes or because you dehydrate so fast, that you have had to visit the E.R. multiple times for IV fluids to re-hydrate. So many times that they know you by name. Imaginethat because of this you cannot wear your favorite shoes, but have to wear flip flops or extra wide sandals, from the blood pooling to your feet and legs. Or you want to wear your shoes so you have to wear support stockings to help prevent the swelling…but you realize the stockings are hurting your flesh so you take them off and go back to the sandals. Imaginehaving a doctor’s appointment that day, a new one because you have been referred out to so many specialist that you have lost count…imagine that when you go to this “specialist” he/she runs many test but most come out normal…so they tell you that it is all in your head and that your disease or syndrome is make believe, so you leave feeling as if no one will hear you…or take the time to listen to what you are experiencing, Only to receive a call later that day from the nurse with an apology from the doctor and her, because they had never heard of the Syndrome, and will research it more. Imagine wanting to go to that outdoor concert, or wanting to watch an outdoor sport event, but because it is too hot (anything above 85 degrees) or to cold (anything below 74 degrees) but you have to stay home because your body cannot handle the weather or you will either get physically ill from the warmth to the point of fainting, dehydration or exhaustion, or so cold that the Raynaud’s syndrome kicks in and your extremities turn blue and become painful from the cold. So you sit at home, sometimes alone because you cannot participate in the fun your family and friends are having that day. Imagine wanting to go shopping like a “Normal” person, but you have to ride in an electric cart or a family member has to push you in a wheel chair, because you know that you cannot make past the produce isle without wanting to sit down from the exhaustion, or the pain you feel. And while you shop you run into friends or family and they question why you are riding in the cart or wheelchair, because they saw you yesterday and you were fine…so you have to spend 10 minutes explaining the “syndrome” you suffer from, only to see the disbelief or worse…the pity in their eyes. Or even worse, you get chewed out by an employee from the store, or a random customer, because you’re not disabled enough to have to use one, so once again you spend time trying to explain the illness you suffer from only to receive more looks of disbelief or pity. Imagine realizing that this is just the start of your day, you continue with what you can do, but the pain is there, the dizziness is there and the heart palpitations, and tachycardia continue…but you smile and pretend that all is well, you will make it to live one more day. And then night falls and it is time for bed…but you know that it is in vain, because the extreme insomnia has kicked in… not sleeping for days because your mind won’t stop going, or the pain in your body is so unbearable that the morphine that was prescribed does not even touch the surface of your pain. So the sun comes up…and you start all over from the beginning. And you hope, that perhaps tomorrow you will feel better… Because you never know what to expect from day to day, because sometimes you have a good day. But that is only sometimes. By Ruth Martinez Burtcher


Audio Recorded by AmiQ in the Style of Terri Clark.
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So love this song... Thanks for listening ;)

Just The Same

Audio Recorded by HAIRMAGICIAN 3 in the Style of Terri Clark.
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A beautiful song from my all time fav..artist......terri clark!