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Silver Wings

By Armchrqbak 24 in the Style of Pam Tillis
23 views 2 comments 1
Audio Recorded

Thank you for listening and for any comments.....

The River And The Highway

By mysteriam 10 in the Style of Pam Tillis
34 views 5 comments 1
Audio Recorded

So Wrong

By pamkagamida 21 in the Style of Pam Tillis
39 views 2 comments
Audio Recorded

I never heard the Pam Tillis version...thought I'd give it a go!

Let That Pony Run

By Licensed412 10 in the Style of Pam Tillis
52 views 9 comments 4
Audio Recorded

After A Kiss

By Mylevis 19 in the Style of Pam Tillis
37 views 0 comments
Video Recorded

Kinda like this lil song..;) had to give it a go..!! and to try and drown out those backup singers ..who is in charge of letting them in ..hahahha.. I really need to sit in on that demo..cuz Im in n eed of very special vocals for my backup just being silly ..and having fun singing just getting over the flu......Hm wondering if that fever got a bit to high and affected me somehow...hahaha.. nope cant blame it on that im just crazy..;) thanks always hopping your weekend is full of wonderful things !! Faye..xx00

Blue Rose Is

By grizlijim 25 Featuring SouthernGrace67 35 in the Style of Pam Tillis
45 views 2 comments 2
Audio Recorded

Great song, one of my favs...great vocals by the young lady...hope you enjoy...Jim

Spilled Perfume

By Kaos1313 in the Style of Pam Tillis
24 views 0 comments
Audio Recorded

Be nice:)

Maybe It Was Memphis

By shiward 36 in the Style of Pam Tillis
43 views 13 comments 4
Audio Recorded

Country Christmas Contest - Rd#2

Shake The Sugar Tree

By Pywackit 67 in the Style of Pam Tillis
93 views 17 comments 4
Video Recorded

Shake The Sugar Tree...! Curny's Country Contest RD 2 Artists for the Guys! Pam Tillis ~ Leann Rimes ~ Martina McBride ~ Lorrie Morgan I chose Pam Tillis Thanks for listens & comments ~ Larry :)

The River And The Highway

By crazytam 42 in the Style of Pam Tillis
63 views 87 comments 5+
Video Recorded

I adore this song..Ty Fer listening my Snappers.. Hugs & BLessings Fer all..CrazYTam~~

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