Peace In The Valley by oldersinger75

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Peace In The Valley


Elvis Presley




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yellowRose2013LEVEL 72

Comment by yellowRose2013GOLD

sweetmagicLEVEL 73

Comment by sweetmagicGOLD

Good evening Ted...just read the bio that Rose shared....just had to stop what I was doing and stop in and listen....sitting back so enjoying this

sweetmagicLEVEL 73

Comment by sweetmagicGOLD

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my....what a wonderful wonderful performance Ted....I just loved it from start to finish....a very heartfelt sing you did
I hope you get well real soon and can join us....and so looking forward to it. Sending out prayers for you, for a speedy recovery....

God Bless


Comment by Ohsusieq2GOLD

Good evening...such a beautiful song. Sounding just wonderful too. What a great story...I will be sure to send a prayer to our heavenly father for you. I sure enjoyed listening to your great performance! God bless!! Susie

yellowRose2013LEVEL 72

Comment by yellowRose2013GOLD

Ted, I shared this in OUR new group... I hope you don't mind..
Praying you will recover and be able to join me there soon.. As always your vocals are so pure sweet country and authentic.. I loved this..
I'm sure Ole Merle is smiling down.
Huggs, Rose

calgreenLEVEL 44

Comment by calgreenGOLD

Hi.......... your sounding real good on this gospel tune.
I enjoyed this very much.


SingnSallyLEVEL 65

Comment by SingnSallyGOLD

Absolutely wonderful!!! I'm praying for your recovery, Ted. Get out of that hospital and come sing some more for ole Merle. Love this!!


Comment by TGWestGOLD

Mile high prayers and blessings to Ted & Rose all my best enjoyed my listen today Have a wonderful day thanks again for your Wonderful comment always an forevereally
Hugs & Knuckle pop Ted TG\Tony


Comment by MikeIIISNAP-STAR

* Rest in Peace Dansolman,SDingus,Kazloumy,Chastamae;269,348+COVID19 victims *2,942 songs uploaded

A beautiful rendition here, Ted.

God bless.

kwlhndlkLEVEL 51

Comment by kwlhndlkGOLD

Hi from Scotland you are doing a great job on this Gospel song one if my favourites many ********s for you enjoyed my listen.... Kwlhndlk

NickysingsLEVEL 60

Comment by NickysingsGOLD

Hi Ted

It is nice to meet you. Great singing and I am enjoying my visit

lynn266LEVEL 35

Comment by lynn266

Hi Ted,
What a lovely sing here... one of my favorites of mine. Being from Texas myself takes my cowgirl hat off for you.... I pray for your full recovery, storming heaven for you... Read the bio of yours that yellow rose put up... Wonderful past you have had and still have. God Bless and be with you always....Lynn

Melody1958LEVEL 64

Comment by Melody1958

Great sing Ted, pleased to drop by..Mel


Comment by ericdalton2015

well sung Ted!! great cover of this great gospel song!! wish u a speedy recovery!! sending prayers ur way!!



Comment by Casey-lawrence


stlcardinalfanLEVEL 72

Comment by stlcardinalfan

Love this song!! Loved my listen!! Dale

usmailLEVEL 86

Comment by usmailGOLD

wonderful singing here and great gospel tune -amen brother , one day for sure , if we trust in the Lord, great job mdf , wonderful to hear ya ************s to ya mdf , get well soon ,

Crooner1LEVEL 68

Comment by Crooner1GOLD

Howdy Ted! Mighty fine sanging partner! One of my fav's too! Nice Job!

bluenotesingerLEVEL 62

Comment by bluenotesingerGOLD

Hi Ted. I love this great old Gospel song and enjoyed your sing on it very much. A fantastic listen, my friend. Beautifully done.