For Your Eyes Only by Tinypumpkin

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For Your Eyes Only


Sheena Easton




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HAPPY AUTUMN SNAPPERS! Thank you whoever you are for painting my name in such beautiful colors.

I chose the number 4.
Ever since the flash issue my recordings turned out choppy sometimes.

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KellyAnne4PeaceLEVEL 109

Comment by KellyAnne4PeacePATRON

Wow!! Difficult song!

nightsongsLEVEL 99

Comment by nightsongsGOLD

hello Tiny,
a difficult song indeed!
but your sing is marvelous.
you handled it with greatness.
hugsss and blessings

-TinaLEVEL 108

Comment by -TinaSPECIAL-EVENTS +5

Thanks For Joining Us !!! Tina & Jodi

Thessa_CALEVEL 111

Comment by Thessa_CAPATRON +1

Hello dear Friend Tiny....
Such a Beautiful song you chose on this Challenge...
You mean only for Us

Thessa_CALEVEL 111

Comment by Thessa_CAPATRON +1

I always have a hard time to sing this
and you makes it sound easy hitting those notes..

Thessa_CALEVEL 111

Comment by Thessa_CAPATRON +1

Outstanding performance, precious...
Enjoy the rest of your day... Hugs

marywulsLEVEL 105

Comment by marywulsGOLD +1

Hello Tiny this was a wonderful sing of this song my sweet friend you owned this one beautiful vocals,I loved my listen and pushed the it button hugsssssss
Hope your day is good hon xx

cuddsLEVEL 89

Comment by cuddsGOLD +7

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend God bless hugs Irene

Good Morning Tiny
I wish you health wealth and happiness in 2018
May your day be full of joy and happiness
This is so lovely
Wonderful singing
Stars all the way***************************
It is always a pleasure to listen
God bless

Misty245LEVEL 101

Comment by Misty245PATRON

Fantastic sing!
Beautiful all the way! Enjoyed Hugs ~ Misty

Sensy1950LEVEL 82

Comment by Sensy1950GOLD

great song choice.... enjoyed this so much

Term007LEVEL 87

Comment by Term007GOLD

A great performance here ....

DrsWoodardLEVEL 105

Comment by DrsWoodardGOLD +9

TRUE FRIENDS / Shannon Curfman watchandlisten/play/be9f578f9

Sent From The iPhone,
Fantastic song selection, awesome vocals, We've enjoyed our visit to your studio,
Keep the hits coming, Listening in Puerto Vallarta,
Nancy & Maurice

Starmusic3079LEVEL 102

Comment by Starmusic3079GOLD +4

Hi My Sweet Friend Tiny I am Here This Morning Listening I could Not Sleep

Starmusic3079LEVEL 102

Comment by Starmusic3079GOLD +4

Your Voice Is So Beautiful I love Listening To You My Sweet Friend

Starmusic3079LEVEL 102

Comment by Starmusic3079GOLD +4

Wowee This Sure was a pleasure listening to your Gorgeous Voice Its So Nice And Smooth My Sweet friend.....You did a Incredible Sing And job on this song I was Well Entertained And You Sound So Perfect ..... Wow This Was Very Delightful To Listen To love your singing,

Starmusic3079LEVEL 102

Comment by Starmusic3079GOLD +4

. Hi My Sweet Friend you Have A Very Beautiful Voice. You Sing Like An Pro Your Vocals Are spot on And This Is A very Outstanding Performance

Starmusic3079LEVEL 102

Comment by Starmusic3079GOLD +4

This Is Tops and so perfect And you Own It You sure Did Ace It I really Loved This From The First Note This Was Beautiful And Its Also A Sensational Delivery . I loved It From The Start Every Note Can't Get Any Better than This I loved It This Is A great delivery ************** Hugs, Helen..... Lib......9


Comment by A_TxCowboyGOLD +3

Beautiful sing here Tiny

Tanja-LiisaLEVEL 53

Comment by Tanja-Liisa

Great song choice, really love this song! Nice sing too

Motown_CowboyLEVEL 55

Comment by Motown_Cowboy

....very, very pretty Tiny.......lay it down hun.......fabulous performance.....hugs from Bama.......Mike