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livingnyLEVEL 15

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Reposted this for the Everyone's A Winner FINAL Challenge! Sad to say this is our final challenge here ~ the more the merrier! Come join us! This is one I would like to be remembered for... it took alot of time for me to get this range back in my voice after not singing for a number of years. It is an open duet, so this is just me, and anyone is welcome to join. And yes I'll probably redo because its not quite there yet .....

I redid this because I'm in better voice than I was when I first started singing here so I feel better about this recording.

So all you Phantoms out there have a go, this is an open duet!

If you have digital effects (I have a Yamaha mixer) I'm using Reverb Hall 2 set at 8 with the effect on my mic set at about a 5 and my mic level is at 8.

The only changes I made when it comes to the words are:

'In all your fantasies... ' is really only the Phantom singing and only Christine sings 'were both in you' and then they sing together.

And of course the changes when it comes to 'My spirit and your voice'

The Phantom sings 'MY spirit and YOUR voice' and Christine sings 'YOUR spirit and MY voice'

Same stuff on 'The Phantom of the Opera is there inside MY mind' The Phantom sings 'YOUR mind'

I'm only saying this because when you're reading the words its easy to sing the wrong thing because its up there wrong.

Also at the end you can ad lib, "Sing for me Christine. Sing!" etc...

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IcelandLEVEL 58

Comment by Iceland

Great job on your part my dear! I don't think I have the voice or talent for this one. But you did fantastic!!!


Comment by TitaPro

Oh wow better rendition indeed!


Comment by TitaPro


Comment by TitaPro



Comment by Time_PassagesGOLD

Wonderfully sung - would love to join you.

Al_DSilva1967LEVEL 42

Comment by Al_DSilva1967GOLD

oh love this ....surely a wonderful sing here one of my favs hugssss


Comment by allenscouse

Wowww. Incredible ending. :))

FlyAllenLEVEL 55

Comment by FlyAllenGOLD

Such a lovely voice my friend.... mmmm I stand amazed! Allen

MemphisBluesManLEVEL 43

Comment by MemphisBluesManGOLD

Wow NewYork!! You said you would do this one again...
And It was an amazing performance...
Your vocals are superb......
Many, Many stars*************
I might try this with you.........
just kidding I wouldn't do that to
Your SS friend, Memphis Bill

MemphisBluesManLEVEL 43

Comment by MemphisBluesManGOLD

I sang that High one my finger mashed in a vise!!!

butlersoftLEVEL 17

Comment by butlersoft

Wow !!!! that's some serious vocal you got there ... especially that top soprano at the end there !!!

Hope you don't mind - I took the liberty to duet with you


lollymopLEVEL 50

Comment by lollymopGOLD

What an awesome voice you have!!!

CelticLadLEVEL 6

Comment by CelticLad

Hello again, my lovely friend! Well, I gave it a whirl

Thank you for the honor


Comment by SSSandMan



Comment by allenscouse

If I ever get the time, I must give this a try.... Your part is just excellent. :))


Comment by allenscouse


Comment by Winx

Oh wow I just listen to the duet with Allen above....
What an amazing voice you have. I had to watch my crystal glass for the last note lol *FANTASTIC vocals.

PCSongmanLEVEL 25

Comment by PCSongmanGOLD

Beautiful work on this right through to the last note.

rayerayeLEVEL 3

Comment by rayeraye

Yes I like this a lot, if I was aloud the reverb in my challenge it would have sounded better, I am planning to give myself a Yamaha mixer and new mic for Christmas I'm using a radio shack pc of s*** and a videoke mic. I have to be creative to get any good results..........look at me going on and on....
this was a wonderful rendition here!!!!

rayerayeLEVEL 3

Comment by rayeraye