Does He Love You by Beckylou

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Beckylou 42 & Mandolingirl 33


Does He Love You


Reba McEntire & Linda Davis




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BeckylouLEVEL 42

Recording information by BeckylouGOLD

Thanks Sis for the duet! Love ya.. Might I add this sure is a hard one to sing sitting down on your butt.... LOL

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Comment by TrishiaPATRON

I love this song and I don't know if you two are sisters in real life or sisters in soul but you sound amazing together.........

This is the best that I have heard this song sung on here......

What a delightful performance.....

God Bless!

BeckylouLEVEL 42

Comment by BeckylouGOLD

Thanks Trishia.. We are actual blood sisters. Mandolingirl is my big Sis. She's got a beautiful voice doesn't she!?

phillips-haleLEVEL 37

Comment by phillips-haleGOLD

You both have beautiful voices!! This is wonderful, you two. Wish you had been on cam!

phillips-haleLEVEL 37

Comment by phillips-haleGOLD

Nothing like family harmony!!!

MommagloLEVEL 33

Comment by Mommaglo

You girls did an awesome take on this great song. Beautiful sing you two!!! Love Mom. I am sending you both *********************************'s!!

boydpenLEVEL 39

Comment by boydpenGOLD

Couldn't ask for anything better************** to both of you........Boyd

DavcoLEVEL 71

Comment by DavcoGOLD

Don't Laugh At Me......r/bd76b9ba5

Major talent in the family alert !!! You two were great ! Loved it. Major stars ***********'s.....Dave

DavcoLEVEL 71

Comment by DavcoGOLD

Don't Laugh At Me......r/bd76b9ba5

Lit your stars !!!

gstanz67LEVEL 51

Comment by gstanz67

Looks like this family has a certain gift......Outstanding performance Ladies. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.Well done.


Comment by DarcyDooGOLD

I love when relatives sing together. Family can harmonize like no one else. You both sound beautiful!

CyannsingsLEVEL 16

Comment by Cyannsings

WOW this ought to be great...................... Ohhhhhh, it is! Takes my breath away because it's you two. I'm as proud as if you were my own daughters!
Love to you!!!!!
Grammy Cy

Listening to you two brings tears to my eyes.


Comment by BigAWBGOLD


susiecue_25LEVEL 14

Comment by susiecue_25

~~~~~~~~~~ wow was done awesome you both have a beautiful voice loved it ~~~~~~~~~ huggers Susie


Comment by sherlotoGOLD

Becca and Trish.....a beautiful duet here you two!!!!!!
You should sing more together!!!!
Loved my listen!!!

Hugs ~ Sheron

balladsingerLEVEL 29

Comment by balladsinger

Oh wow... Wow... WOW...

Breathtaking.......... wow...

aqtrcowgirlLEVEL 103

Comment by aqtrcowgirlGOLD +3 +3

Hey ladies
Love this song and You both sound great together ..
Wish I could get my sisters to sing with me :))
Beautiful voices both of you!!

fetllmnLEVEL 6

Comment by fetllmn

Oh I KNEW this was gonna be GOOD!!! Two of my favorite singsnappers together on one much better can it get? Top shelf performance by both of ya!!!

StenographerLEVEL 39

Comment by StenographerGOLD

Great job ladies. Beautiful harmony. It must be in the genes!!!

wizardabtLEVEL 27

Comment by wizardabtGOLD

Good god is all I can say to that.....

SingingRainbowLEVEL 108

Comment by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS +5 +2

J&D's Country girls @ heart#113 Rnd#2 is up!

Beautiful! Beautiful! I love hearing you two together :o) Loved this ******************** My favorite girlie duet of all times
Excellent performance ladies!!
Hope to hear you both together again soon