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Begin The Beguine


Frank Sinatra




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PiritaLEVEL 31

Recording information by Pirita

musical challence round 2.
This song is from Jubilee!!!
thanks for listening!

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strawberi50LEVEL 57

Comment by strawberi50GOLD

Super job...I really loved this....:) Robin

KnoxKittyLEVEL 36

Comment by KnoxKittyGOLD

Came out super! I like the tone you have going on. Sounding greeeat!!

annekLEVEL 45

Comment by annek

Wow, youre sounding wonderful...The best!!!

SoleilynLEVEL 6

Comment by Soleilyn

Gorgeous, what a beautiful voice you have!

priceless_jennLEVEL 17

Comment by priceless_jennGOLD

priceless_jennLEVEL 17

Comment by priceless_jennGOLD

Very classy singing on this Cole Porter classic I really liked your jazzy rendition. It was swinging. Clear execution. Nice crisp diction!

The only thing I would keep an eye on is some of the slides. Try not to pop them out as much, keep them nice and legato, connected at all times. Only once did I notice a slide that had a slight staccato "poppish" sound. So, you did terrific there kiddo!

luvmydbroncsLEVEL 55

Comment by luvmydbroncsGOLD

this is great - sounds wonderful - vgl2u


Comment by IliasGOLD

Kyllä Pirre..... Upea se on tääkin klassikko ajoilta papan lapsuuden... Mist ihmeest sä nä omaksut... Hieno ja taidokas*************************;)


Comment by HoneyDew007

Lovely performance !!!!


ladycampionLEVEL 44

Comment by ladycampion

So wonderful! I loved it.

edgarLEVEL 55

Comment by edgarGOLD

Swinging away here Fantastic!! Sing!! GL!!

1ChristineAnne1LEVEL 54

Comment by 1ChristineAnne1GOLD

Wow, what a voice ... I listen to you and I feel like I have traveled through time ......... elegant voice, classy and beautiful.

ranmodanLEVEL 12

Comment by ranmodanGOLD

This was so nice! Very well done! Classic sound on this!


Comment by Songbird18_GOLD

Has to be some way we can keep the Legacy version instead of the Beta....PLEASE!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness...I love this style of song and mercy my sweet

friend this is AMAZING......It is hard to beat these big band

songs. You could sing with a big band and everyone would

stand and applaud you...WOW WOW

I loveeeeeeeeeee this one

Hugsssssss, Kathy xoxoox

1david-oldiesLEVEL 70

Comment by 1david-oldiesGOLD

Well I did not know this song was from a musical....

Tough song i think...

Great sing and performance...

Billies_GirlLEVEL 85

Comment by Billies_GirlPATRON

Wonderful performance! Loved my listen, best of luck to you! ~Merrie


Comment by dancewantabeGOLD

Hi Prita,
I love hearing all these musical theater songs.. This was one of my older brothers favorites, he always sang and played on stereo.. I learned so many of these old tunes from him... I think I have watched every musical movie that was made..loll.. well maybe not all, but lots ..
This was really a tough one to sing..I agree your diction was so clear and I though you moved to the high notes beautifully.. strong and powerful delivery.. beautifully sung I think..Totally enjoyed it..
I see you got the many cam working.. neat picture for the Challenge..
Good luck dear!
Hugs, Lana

__Cat__LEVEL 48

Comment by __Cat__GOLD

You have such a classic style that's wonderful! Fabulous job!



Comment by JCS42GOLD

Wonderful performance Pirita! Enjoyed my listen...jay


Comment by RitaGGOLD

LOVE JAZZ AND YOU SOUND WONDERFUL SO I FLAG YOU ************************************************* GBY RITA

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