Never Been To Spain by MountainMafiosos

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Never Been To Spain


Three Dog Night




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I really loved your singing on Never Been To Spain / Three Dog Night
1st-SingSnap-Band ,(today's feature). Please sing it with us ,just released located here:
Or just click our Logo. Our songs are linked on that page. We play the songs with ,guitars,bass,keys, etc. The words scroll across the screen just like in the pre-recorded versions. Please sing any of our songs.(We leave out all the annoying back up singers that sing right along with you. Make it your own! Have Fun!!
Thanks again for your excellent singing Never Been To Spain / Three Dog Night
1st-SingSnap-Band (today's feature)
thanks a mill$$$ for your singing and thanks to Singsnap for such a
Divine Oppurtunity! {We ask that you leave your tracks on permanently. We often listen to them and it is a piece of history and can benefit future singers and players.}{Whenever possible, make Music Videos! We am in the process of putting videos on youtube. Love to get some tracks on soundclick too. If anyone has time, Please start a soundclick site or put your videos and tracks out and let us know so We can go there.} update (got my laptop back and the upstairs neighbor has
taken over putting videos on you tube SandraluvsLDD. The links don't always work so tell Sandra the page it is on our featured pages and also submit the link. . Sandra put 3 tracks on youtube today...
Voic304-Here Without You/3-Doors-Down, estelle1972-Amazed\Lonestar,& Pinkkkk- Before He Cheats\Carrie Underwood.Just go to and search sandraluvsldd excellent video recording Sandra. contact SandraLuvsLDD if you want on youtube. to go to hear these tracks go to and in the seach bar type sandraluvsldd.also her singsnap nic is sandraluvsldd
roland bowman
update: please contact "SandraluvsLDD" for youtube. Sandra just joined us TODAY,Tue 17 Nov,2009 as band administrator and wants to hear from you her name is Sandra Shickers