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All I Want For Christmas Is You


Vince Vance and Co.




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TuxBurkeLEVEL 64

Comment by TuxBurkeGOLD

r/b06700adc Video staring MrsTux.

Hey Lloyd...was a little afraid to come listen to one of my Fav Christmas songs as a GB'r!
So glad I did!! EXCELLENT! Can't BEND THIS any better than this MF!
WTG~ button!

piggelinisLEVEL 91

Comment by piggelinisGOLD

Love this so much! Love this song and you are rockin' it!
Super performance!


Comment by BCHALGOLD

Can't be delivered any better than you just did Lloyd...I don't care who's singing it...this was PERFECT...You have the style to sell the song and WOW! Your voice, with that vibrato, just begs to be heard...LOVED this BIG!!

JohnTexasLEVEL 75

Comment by JohnTexasGOLD

GM Llyd
checking this out, listen to what Bob says he is smarter than me lol, this was amazing, perfect heck every song you sing it a winner, so when you record and become even more famous don't forget the little people, have a blessed day
John LIB # 4

raddoc888LEVEL 75

Comment by raddoc888GOLD

wow...another absolutely stellar performance here Lloyd.....and the finale is exquisite....flawless perfection once glad that I get to hear you sing here....always look forward to seeing what you got for us to brighten our days..
like John, I hope you don't forget your friends in low places when you get to Nashville, my friend !!!


Comment by Dinalydia +1

Why are you not onstage, Lloyd?? You can even make me enjoy songs that I'm usually indifferent to. Bob's right, I'm SO envious of the luscious vibrato!

Rebecca__JeanLEVEL 62

Comment by Rebecca__Jean

My goodness ... wow this is wonderful singing.
Love your voice on this song.

melladyLEVEL 78

Comment by melladyGOLD

Lloyd I know I've said this before, but I must say it again:YOU CAN SAAAANG ANYTHAAANG!! Wow This for me is your all time best. I agree with Bob and Dina that vibrato is killer!! Bravo my friend a standing ovation right at your LIB~~!!!

TraciLee123LEVEL 43

Comment by TraciLee123

Hands down the best rendition of this song I have ever heard. This was amazing Lloyd. Wow...

GeorgeGrantLEVEL 74

Comment by GeorgeGrantGOLD

You got me convinced, Lloyd. Loved this!