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Miami, My Amy


Keith Whitley




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I'm adding some harmony to my friend, Charlie's recording. When local band members stop by they should know I'd have them sing for me, lol! We were just singing a bunch of songs and I told him that he sounded like Keith Whitley. He said that was his greatest influence...well, it shows! So I gave him the mic and requested this song. He also plays this song on electric guitar exactly like this music! What an honor to have him come by and jam with me!.......Charlie and Jane


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Comment by CountryMusicManGOLD

This is excellent Ms Jane. ************************

AlabamasingerLEVEL 40

Comment by AlabamasingerGOLD

Love this.Awesome vocals.Hit that lib.


Comment by TrishiaPATRON

He does sound like Keith Whitley.........And you sound perfect on your harmony with him........I love this song and I think I have heard you perform it before.......In fact I believe that was my introduction to this song.

Charlie is a fantastic singer, Jane and you are the perfect partner for him....

This was really a beautiful duet.

God Bless!
Hugs, Pat

bingobirdieLEVEL 81

Comment by bingobirdiePATRON

Wow!!!! Jane he is FANTASTIC!!! Loving this and you sound great singing with him girl!! Pushing that love it button, so glad I stopped to listen today, hugs, Sandy


Comment by soon_to_come

WOWWWWW .....I would be handin' Charlie the mic too!


Comment by soon_to_come

here you are....and you two blend perfectly!


Comment by soon_to_come

first time hearing this one..... and girl I am SOLD! You should sing with him AGAIN! FABULOUS duet!!! * * * * * * * * * * *

wolf2875LEVEL 61

Comment by wolf2875GOLD

Hi Charlie and Jane,

I love this song and your terrific performance.

Your smooth country voices are a pleasure to listen to you.

Clap clap clap this was a ear candy !!!!!!!!

Top notch performance from the first note !!

I enjoyed it very much and gave you heart No 5 well deserved

Happy weekend my friends !!


glentLEVEL 34

Comment by glentGOLD

Good mix Jane...sounding good girl.

FrannyTLEVEL 52

Comment by FrannyTGOLD

lib6 has been hit

FrannyTLEVEL 52

Comment by FrannyTGOLD

This is so beautiful
my its like being in a country music concert

heart-of-texas-ladyLEVEL 53

Comment by heart-of-texas-ladyGOLD

A wonderful sing. Loved my listen very much.************Birdie