It's Such A Small World by JCD

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It's Such A Small World


Rodney Crowell & Rosanne Cash


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This is Roger's (LeeRogers) and my entry for the Rope em In Cowgirls Contest.

We were to submit one of our favorite duets from the Country genre. I definitely had to 'rope in' Roger for this one 'cause at the time, he didn't like going on cam. It's amazing what a whip will do! LOL

Hope you enjoy it and thanks so much for listening.


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LeeRogersLEVEL 78

Comment by LeeRogersGOLD +9

Awesome Jane I love it!!!

It's much easier to hit the deadlines when you do it for me!! lol

Great harmonies and editing here!!!

LeeRogersLEVEL 78

Comment by LeeRogersGOLD +9

I really need to trim the ends of them strings too!! lol


Comment by oocindylouwhoGOLD

sweetmareeLEVEL 78

Comment by sweetmaree

It sure is a small world when we can sing with people on different continents. Great to see Australia on the front of the globe too hehe Hopefully one day we can all sing in the same room together we must work on that!

Another great JCD and Lee duet!! (well on time too

hipoldmanLEVEL 21

Comment by hipoldman

Entertainment, creativity, harmony, and just plain fun! You two always bring these elements into all your duets, and this time you did it in a timely fashion. Another wonderful performance by two golden performers! Loved this. I saw Australia too. But it went whizzing past!

Sssjim7LEVEL 103

Comment by Sssjim7GOLD

OMG... Roger plays guitar, too? You two just keep raising the bar... this was freakin' incredible!!!!
Sent you stars... no idea why they haven't been lit yet...
Super job, super video, and nice touch with Roger playing the guitar... loved the harmonies!


Comment by mi1s2a3GOLD

So beautiful you two! And with the video, it's even better!!


Comment by jackalsonGOLD

The Cold Hard Truth...r/ba76ec8fb

shirerifLEVEL 98

Comment by shirerifGOLD +1

Outstanding... loved the video too. You two are so talented.. always look forward to your sings... the "dungeon" is giving you a free pass on this one.. I loved it.


-PeachieLEVEL 103

Comment by -PeachieGOLD

CazManiaLEVEL 99

Comment by CazManiaGOLD

That was a fantastic duet you two!! We soo loved our listen!

WorkBootsLEVEL 18

Comment by WorkBoots

Kewl Video .... Loved the Overlay Videos!

Awesome job!!!!


Comment by -Amers-GOLD

I so love this, you do are so freakin brilliant together!

Love this video, great work!

Such a beautiful duet you two!



Comment by -Amers-GOLD

**two** not do...doh!!!

See captivation leads to typos


Comment by lilcrackerGOLD


Comment by sandman1229GOLD

Fabulous! Just like every song the two of you sing! Great harmonies, great execution (not the whipping) and wonderful blend. Great video too! Loved it!

Toni324LEVEL 82

Comment by Toni324GOLD

Was that really you 2 in the video? WoWEEEeeeee..This was really excellent!

PapaCassLEVEL 43

Comment by PapaCassGOLD

Hi Jane and Lee. This was awesome. The harmony was great as usual. The video was out of this world. Beautiful performance. Loved it.. Len


Comment by RoadStar65

Ya know I though this was a competition for amateurs. I'm throwing a flag on this one. Yall a such pros...... LOL! Just amazing all the way around.


The_Singing_LilyLEVEL 31

Comment by The_Singing_Lily

You guys are amazing! absolutely beautiful!!!