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Willie Nelson Series on his "Stardust" Album

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Stardust is the twenty-second studio album by Willie Nelson released in 1978 that spans the genres of pop, jazz, and country music. Its ten songs consist entirely of pop standards that Nelson picked from among his favorites. Nelson asked Booker T. Jones, who was his neighbor in Malibu at the time, to arrange a version of "Moonlight in Vermont". Impressed with Jones's work, Nelson asked him to produce the entire album. Nelson's decision to record such well-known tracks was controversial among Columbia executives because he had distinguished himself in the outlaw country genre. Recording of the album took only ten days.

1. September Song ~
2. Blue Skies ~
3. Georgia On My Mind -
4. All Of Me ~
5. Moonlight In Vermont ~
6. Stardust ~


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Comment by BertaRLGOLD

Listening Billy...


Comment by BertaRLGOLD

Oh wow! a song that I don't remember. I thought I had heard all of Willie's songs..thanks for the beautiful introduction to this wonderful song...just a super performance Billy..sang to perfection like always. I loved my listen..hugs and blessings, Berta

sandannieLEVEL 97

Comment by sandannieGOLD

Mmmmmm, I feel like I'm floating on a cloud Bill, this is just that beautiful. You sing this like you wrote it. How totally every song you sing. This just couldn't be any better, it's perfect....perfection from the first word. I couldn't love it more.
Hugs, Annie

bingobirdieLEVEL 81

Comment by bingobirdiePATRON

I have loved this song since the first time I heard it when I was a preteen, it was big band way back then. Nat King Cole was the singer I think. LOVED this, you sounded AWESOME!! Sandy

ArgentLEVEL 78

Comment by ArgentGOLD

If you value your mental health don't let the internet become your reality... go ask Alice...

I remember the song well. A beautiful melody isn't it? I'm happy you are singing it for us today. It's not an easy sing but you make it sound like it is. What a great performance! Spot on key and style! Bravo!!!

jcorwinLEVEL 92

Comment by jcorwinGOLD +1

I continue to marvel at some of these songs and the way you are singing them. Bill this has been a real pleasure to hear you sing these. I know when I hit that play button i am in store for a performance of sheer perfection and did it again with this lovely tune. Going to my playlist again.>>>>Jack

CatstephensLEVEL 77

Comment by CatstephensPATRON

You are really doing some songs I never would have pictured you doing. This was one of your best. I love this version. I had not heard this before. The song was always a beauty and so many of the great singers have sang this. But this version and your sing on it was really good. This was one of my favorites of yours.

RockingTommy1950LEVEL 109

Comment by RockingTommy1950GOLD +1

Hi Billy, I have to agree with Steve and Jack, I can imagine you singing these songs, I just never expected Willie to sing them, you two are very similar in that you can sing any song and it will turn to gold, this is gold>>>>Tommy

SonyaKayLEVEL 81

Comment by SonyaKayGOLD

MmmHmmm. Willie, Willie, Willie. Sings some great songs. Loving this from you. Nice to just mellow out and croon from time to time. I am in that zone for a few days now. LOL. The accoustic is so dreamy .So enjoyed this. Thank you.

mellypLEVEL 75

Comment by mellypGOLD

Well, well I don't know this one but I am loving what
I am hearing Billy. Just so romantic and you know
how to deliver that emotion for sure. Beautiful.