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I Hope You Dance, karaoke, Lee Ann Womack, one key lower, recorded on ATR 2100 microphone, Judge's Contribution of:

Y'all have seen me talk about my niece and nephew a lot. Many of you know this already but, my nephew, Marshall, or "Buddy" as we call him, now 6 years old, is still nonverbal. Only this past year has he begun to pull himself up and walk.

Just after he was born, it was discovered that he had a very similar digestive condition to the one I developed in my early 20's. This condition forced me to undergo several surgeries and seek disability. In his case, though, the impairment caused his little colon to rupture while still in the womb. As soon as they realized the peril he was in, the doctors rushed him off to surgery. They did a marvelous job and saved his precious life. But, his brain and motor skills were already severely impaired.

My sister and her husband are blessed. They could afford to bring him to any specialist or therapist they wished. To this day, in addition to his special needs school, he sees 4 other therapists a week. And, in small ways, (ways you wouldn't take note of unless you watched over him often), he is improving.

Still, while they are far less common than they were even a year ago, Buddy has episodes when he suddenly lashes out for reasons we can only guess at. Sometimes he will even hurt himself if no one is there to help divert him to something else. And, he is getting bigger. Heavier. Harder to physically control. My mom can no longer safely handle him during these times. On my good days, I still can. But, what with him growing up so fast...

Watching him walk in his circle from the "quiet room" to the piano (which he loves to bang on!) and back again, touching all the doors to make sure that they are closed, I asked one of his therapists if she thought that he would ever get to the point where he could become a Walmart greeter. She said something to the effect of,"In the beginning, I had my doubts. But, look how he is growing; at all he is learning! I don't want to give any family member false hope but, at this point, anything is possible!"

Marshall. His smile is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen. He simply has my heart. But, he is not my inspiration this round. This sing is for his eight year old sister, Regan.

Re-Re, despite all she must go through, day in and day out, due to her brother, just has the kind of spirit that loves life and pretty much everyone! She is so fully of positive energy, happy, funny, SMART, and genuinely sensitive to the wants and needs of others. I think her world would be perfect if everyone read a good book and then laughed and hugged one another all at the same time. And, while I'm sure she has her moments, as any eight year old in her position would, she is a truly remarkable big sister who loves her brother dearly.

My niece reminds me that, though life can get hard and though our loved ones can be a trial sometimes, this is the only life we have. We must all remember to enjoy it and embrace the love that is offered to us. It is her kind of spirit that I point to when I tell myself, "Live big. Laugh often. Love well. And, learn all the wondrous lessons God lays before you." I only pray that she will always carry this beautiful childhood spirit of hers as she dances her way through each stage of growing up. I can't wait to see her future unfold!

I couldn't help myself. I busted out my photo album!

Favorite lyrics -"I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean" or "Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter".


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rockinwithgeneLEVEL 66

Comment by rockinwithgeneGOLD

Hi !!!****Listening***Enjoying****************

rockinwithgeneLEVEL 66

Comment by rockinwithgeneGOLD

Awesome sing !!Well done!!!Enjoyed this from start to finish!!!!!!!!************************************************************

Jami19LEVEL 101

Comment by Jami19GOLD

Nicely done!

sisterraindropLEVEL 94

Comment by sisterraindropGOLD

You picked a wonderful song ... fantastic performance ... well done ... loved my listen


Comment by Music_Lover_1934GOLD

I have read, and I have admired your beautiful family photos.

Now I am in tears...and listening.

I am picturing Buddy making the lyrics come true.... and RE-Re having reached 'some' already at her early stage in life..much more to come for her. She will dance!

Shae you chose the perfect song, and sang it so beautifully..

Emotional Tillie leaving your beautiful studio....


Comment by Time_PassagesGOLD

I can see why you are so proud - beautiful pics to share too.


Comment by Time_PassagesGOLD

The pics show that they are stepping out to the max and not sitting out the dance. Such an inspirational song and sung with a real appreciation of taking chances and not letting our little burdens keep us down.

ragtime108LEVEL 100

Comment by ragtime108GOLD +2 +2

Brilliant sing and moving narrative, pics and insights ...

jaderottie63LEVEL 88

Comment by jaderottie63GOLD +1

Oh Shae What a Sad & Beutiful story al in one I hope he keeps improving and
he is so lucky to have a sister like her Your voice is so beautiful and really told one heck of a story here Loved listening so much Beautiful little boy & Girl Life can be so cruel !

tigers12LEVEL 93

Comment by tigers12GOLD +3

Hosting singing music anything goes and mixing up the genres contests

you sing so lovely hun I played this back quite a few times really nice xx

Just_SherryLEVEL 89

Comment by Just_SherryPATRON +1

Oh my what an inspirational beautiful life story of such a precious family. THe Pictures were perfect to look at while you sang this most touching song.... Many Blessings sweety

rosearose8LEVEL 94

Comment by rosearose8GOLD

How beautiful this is,,,,,,the BG was perfect....and your voice captivating
Your story,touched,my heart,very deeply
was a pleasure listening,to

karaokekaregiverLEVEL 69

Comment by karaokekaregiverPATRON

You know Shae that this song holds a special place in my heart, because of our daughter Lieska who was born 7 weeks premature, but has grown into a beautiful, talented young lady. We dedicated this song to her at her High School graduation .
Love the photo album ! You must be very proud of both of them Hugs Abi

CazManiaLEVEL 101

Comment by CazManiaGOLD +5 +2

Not on here Thurday's or Sunday's (evening)!... TV nights with Hubby! <3

Shae, your story truly touched my heart! I have an Autistic Daughter and two Autistic grand Children, so I know just how you feel about the littlest things that they do!...

A beautiful song and sing too which obviously came from within!!...

A gorgeous story and performance from you hun!!...


P.s Such beautiful photo's, thanks for sharing!

Bucks_FizzLEVEL 110

Comment by Bucks_FizzGOLD +2

Thank you for the anonymous trick :)

Hi Shae

Your story is so sad, but there seems to be some hope there for Marshall!

Wonderful dedication to your niece and nephew.


Comment by MgSactoGOLD

Good afternoon Shae ...

Reading your story before pushing play ...


Comment by MgSactoGOLD

Okayyyyy .... quite an emotional ride we are in for ...

Love this song ..... sing for me ..


Comment by MgSactoGOLD

I am more familiar with the original youtube video that was made for the song ....... and it is my understanding those children are actually her kids .......

whether they are or not ........ they are beyond precious ...


Comment by MgSactoGOLD

Yes indeed .... a profound statement of life ...

This was emotional and inspiring .........

Thank you for giving us something so special in your contest ...

VonnieHughesLEVEL 83

Comment by VonnieHughesPATRON

beautiful song and sing. such a touching story.