When A Child Is Born by Tramhue

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When A Child Is Born


Il Divo


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TramhueLEVEL 67

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Oh My!!! Thank you musicalheart for this upload. Fantastic Singing Here Lloyd. Thank you Sir for WHEN A CHILD IS BORN. Capt. Bart Fey.

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TramhueLEVEL 67

Comment by TramhueGOLD +1

This One Should Be Sung At Every Abortion Clinic Across America!!! ~Capt. Bart Fey.

Lloyd_ColemanLEVEL 59

Comment by Lloyd_ColemanPATRON

Hi Bart
There is something very special about getting your message this evening and reminds me why I love singing on singsnapā€¦ song.it is the universal language because we can share how things make us feel, without ever saying a word.

To know that someone else felt what I was sending out is all I need to make this day complete...the fact that you jumped in and joined me on such a precious song is the icing on the cake.. the fact that you put your heart into it, well, that's priceless.

Loved this, and thank you brother for touching me back!


Curious about the name Tramhue...especially since I work for a Vietnamese company and was raised in Laos.

TramhueLEVEL 67

Comment by TramhueGOLD +1

It is a real pleasure and honor Brother. Tramhue is a combination of the four last letters of my given name and Hue..the color of God, my Friend. Yes, this song has always had such a special place in my heart for many reasons. My wife and I lost an infant son @ birth...an identical twin..still-born. I grieve so very deeply that so many (think) they can abort their child without any lasting consequences. God is the Author of everyone Born...He breathes into them LIFE. Thank you again Brother...This one means so much for me.