Famous Last Words Of A Fool by 87southbound

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Famous Last Words Of A Fool


George Strait




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87southboundLEVEL 18

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one for the feature..thanks


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armeenLEVEL 34

Comment by armeen

hey scotty good to see and hear ya my friend... front row how did that happen.

armeenLEVEL 34

Comment by armeen

oh my i think i died and went to heaven you are sounding so fabulous here my friend... you need to sing more gs songs you sound amazing my dear

armeenLEVEL 34

Comment by armeen

i am loving this and you sound just outstanding here... you always make me feel good listening to you sing.... what a great singer. what a great person. what a great friend... just a good man.

armeenLEVEL 34

Comment by armeen

i so enjoyed this scotty made my day and its been a long day

kayleeLEVEL 24

Comment by kaylee

Love what I'm hearing..This is Awesome
A great song and great singing~~~

LadytruckerLEVEL 64

Comment by Ladytrucker

Hiya sweety,,,had to come & listen for a bit...

LadytruckerLEVEL 64

Comment by Ladytrucker

Ya still soundin as good as ever....

LadytruckerLEVEL 64

Comment by Ladytrucker

Good to hear ya again..Oh how I miss this...
Think I have forgotten how to sing...its been so long...
But gotta listen to my favorties for just a little while..
Throwin ya stars hun *************************'s


Comment by pottershandGOLD

WOW you sang this so well!!
What a great listen my friend :>)) Vi

suzadawnLEVEL 4

Comment by suzadawn

loved my listen.....big hug linda xxxxx


Comment by PEACHIE

These are the last words I heard from you.........

Where are you hiding my friend???????????

Miss ya..............this is fantastic country singin'

and I loved it.......hugggs***********Peachie


Comment by angelfire07GOLD


hey ya Scott,,,swingin in for a listens..... =)


Comment by angelfire07GOLD

dynamite sing!!! *****

RendezvousLEVEL 7

Comment by Rendezvous

My goodness but your voice just makes me float Scott! So deep and rich...just grabs me...I lit up your stars and I'm so happy because this is a phenomenal sing! : ) Vicky


Comment by DeelyghtGOLD

This was outstanding! God Bless,

LadytruckerLEVEL 64

Comment by Ladytrucker

Hiya sweety....had to come back & listen one more time..sure love that voice...brings them goosebumps...lol....Sure miss this, don't you?
Maybe one day we can get things straightened out & get back to singin....loved this....
Stars cominatcha**********'s

warpedtimeLEVEL 36

Comment by warpedtimeGOLD

hello there my bestest!!!!

warpedtimeLEVEL 36

Comment by warpedtimeGOLD

I hope you are having a lot of sunshine today!!!!!

warpedtimeLEVEL 36

Comment by warpedtimeGOLD

oh this was darling my sweet boy.....

you sang this to it's fullest perfection!!!

I enjoyed hearing you sing immensely....

love you my sweet one.....

hugs hugs and more hugs.....

AnnettaLEVEL 43

Comment by AnnettaGOLD

I moved into my new home on October 22nd, so been kinda busy, and as I mentioned before have only recently got back online properly.

Meantime, I've reverted to blue because I couldn't get online long enough to have it changed - hopefully getting that fixed this week.

Wonderful choice of song you picked here, guess we have all been there and done that at some point in our lives. Great vocals as always.

We just don't hear you enough here on SS, but I know it's cause you are busy, busy. Hope doggie is well, my two are sitting here beside my desk - I go nowhere without them they are my bestest pals in the world.