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The Story


Brandi Carlile




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AmberBamberinoLEVEL 64

Recording information by AmberBamberinoGOLD

My entry for The Kings & Queens contest! Final Round! Eek!

I chose this song for a couple of reasons. One, I believe it is quite dynamic, it is all over the place. It's high, it's low, it's soft, it's powerful, it's sweet, it's rockin, it's fast, it's slow... and it's all melded into one glorious folk tune that I love!
Secondly, I chose this because this is who I am as a singer essentially. I am lil rock, a lil soul, a lil country, emotionally charged.. and I love me a good lyric.

Hope you enjoy!


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YoAdrianLEVEL 38

Comment by YoAdrianGOLD

Whoa! This showcases all the aspects of your voice, both lovely and powerful! This is amazing! GL!

karinrochelleLEVEL 40

Comment by karinrochelleGOLD

just excellent. Wow! Delightful and mellow then dramatic. I got my work cut out for me. :/ thanks! lol

Dave1970LEVEL 66

Comment by Dave1970GOLD

All elements of a dynamic song have been met & surpassed Great job. Best of luck

tanbearLEVEL 86

Comment by tanbearGOLD

girl!!!! this is fantastic!!
awesome, awesome sing!!
good luck!!

BurkjrLEVEL 77

Comment by BurkjrPATRON

Good LAWD! Can you teach me to sing with an edge like that? That is some awesome cutting loose, if I do say so myself. AMAZING voice, and certainly showcases it well. Enjoyed it, and everything else you brought to the contest. Good luck to you! : )

AngelDahlinLEVEL 77

Comment by AngelDahlinGOLD

Wow Wow Wow, way to bring your best Amber!

Awesome job girl!


Comment by The_Voice2014

Well, My Lady

This could easy win
I just dont know
I think we all need the best luck we can get
wow what a contest

all 5 of you are winners whatever happens in my book

Best of Luck hun


MoxieMainiac68LEVEL 79

Comment by MoxieMainiac68PATRON

Finally able to record and video on Beta!!!! So Happy I can stay on my Singsnap <3

Excellent song choice! Fantastic vocal! Best of luck!



Comment by MarkEPATRON

Gave me chills, SO nail the higher parts, and your voice just cuts right through to the soul!

Fantastic rendition, and watching you sing it made it that much more enjoyable....I absolutely LOVED the whole enchillada!! You are one talented Bambarino!

Best of luck!



Comment by JulieWoodGOLD

Hello Miss Bambarino.... I never watch the video the first time I listen to any song... I like to let my ears take in all of the deliciousness first... especially if I'm judging because I don't want what I hear to be influenced by your cuteness on camera... And I gotta tell you... you knocked this outta the park sweets... the ebb and flow between the soft and sweet parts and the powerful parts of the song was perfect... incredible job on an extremely emotional song!

moon045LEVEL 32

Comment by moon045GOLD

i love the way you sing this!!!!! great job!!



YES, that was a winner of sing, you picked a great song that allows the great range and all aspects of your voice to soar.
Smashed this one, you did.

mary307LEVEL 60

Comment by mary307GOLD

WOW, excellent indeed, you are awesome!!!!!! LOVED my listen!!!! LIB

samiam171LEVEL 71

Comment by samiam171GOLD

I freakin' LOVE this song -- can't wait to hear it

samiam171LEVEL 71

Comment by samiam171GOLD

It rocked every bit as much as I thought it would You look beautiful, and sound excellent! I love listening in, Girly! Happy New Year to you!