And I Love Her by StevenJaymes

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And I Love Her


The Beatles




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StevenJaymesLEVEL 54

Recording information by StevenJaymesPATRON

Great tune! Hope I did some kind of right by it...

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SweetDee57LEVEL 51

Comment by SweetDee57PATRON

This one gives me goosebumps..!!!! ((d[-_-]b))

JamieL2170LEVEL 73

Comment by JamieL2170GOLD

Hi hon-----------------------------

JamieL2170LEVEL 73

Comment by JamieL2170GOLD

Very pretty...............I love this I really made this fresh and new...WOW

JamieL2170LEVEL 73

Comment by JamieL2170GOLD

STANDING O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gigibellaLEVEL 86

Comment by gigibellaGOLD

awesome sing my friend! this was great!!!!!

ChachieDLEVEL 68

Comment by ChachieDPATRON

Well I was on so I popped over! Again, I really enjoy hearing songs done differently than the original artist. It easier than trying to produce a "copy" of their version!

ChachieDLEVEL 68

Comment by ChachieDPATRON

This sort of reminded me of Cat Stevens in spots, which, BTW I would love to hear you sing some of his stuff! You did your thing with this amazing song, and I ain't made at you for it! The sound levels were really nice, and there was no "fade" on any of the lyrics like on that awesome first time Elvis sing I heard you do recently! I think you have got it worked out nicely on your end, and on this end, I got nothin but love it for you!

deviantlarkLEVEL 54

Comment by deviantlark

PERFECT! I love this song and you got every note and nuance down perfectly. I agree with above comment. You sort of sound like Cat Stevens, which is a huge compliment! I love Cat!
This was FAB!


dacheekyminxLEVEL 39

Comment by dacheekyminx

Enjoyed my listen!
Thx for the comment on my song!

ShilohkokoLEVEL 103

Comment by ShilohkokoSNAP-STAR

Love the Beatles & this tune. Sounded super to me! All smiles!
Enjoyed my listen! Applause! Applause! Hitting that it!!!! button too!

Thanks for Stoppin' by my page! It is appreciated.


Comment by Lunch-BoxGOLD

Knock knock... whos there? ice cream soda... ice cream soda who? ice cream soda people can hear me!

Cat Stevens sings the Beatles.... hehe rock on!!
Sounded good my friend!!
Enjoyed rocking with ya!


Comment by Lunch-BoxGOLD

Knock knock... whos there? ice cream soda... ice cream soda who? ice cream soda people can hear me!

I see others can hear the cat man in ya too

*Phist Bump*

DawnNeptuneLEVEL 96

Comment by DawnNeptuneGOLD

At times, I fit into lyrics more then I fit into life!

Pleasure to meet you. Wow I really love your vocals. Fantastic!! Your very talented

Squiggles1979LEVEL 66

Comment by Squiggles1979

This is just wonderful!!! Love this by you.... And you sure did more than justice!!
Beautiful performance my friend...

Hugs Sarah


Comment by oocindylouwhoGOLD

You are choosing the best songs! This one is so moving lyrically.
I always enjoy hearing you sing, my friend. Awesome performance
on this great song! Loved my listen. it Jan


Comment by Kristine_LGOLD

Great song choice!


Comment by Kristine_LGOLD

Nicely done! I enjoyed listening!


Comment by BABESGRL

Wow~~~ Great tune choice and Awesome sing! You have a Unique voice and it fit this song & style like a glove!
Flagged you for future listens!
Have a Great day!

Elizab1tchLEVEL 28

Comment by Elizab1tch

What an honor to get nice comments on my songs from a singer like you! You're awesome! We gotta duet one day!

GinnyJ77LEVEL 93

Comment by GinnyJ77

Listenin yo, just so ya know!