It's Hard To Be Humble by merlestheman

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It's Hard To Be Humble


Mac Davis




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Comment by The_BaldHuskerGOLD

I love this song choice! Great job on it, too. I enjoyed my listen for sure.

Keep up the great work and best wishes to you,


stlcardinalfanLEVEL 72

Comment by stlcardinalfanGOLD

I sure remember this when Jim! Fantastic sing buddy!! Dale

muffieLEVEL 84

Comment by muffieGOLD

great job

Archer400LEVEL 74

Comment by Archer400PATRON

It sure is, isn't it!
Awesome job my friend!
But I would not say your egotistical!
Loved this!
Good luck!


fifi47LEVEL 59

Comment by fifi47GOLD

great sing mf as always gl

halfpint31743LEVEL 65

Comment by halfpint31743GOLD

howdy jim been a while great song i sang this just the other day with the radio way to do it good luck clapping

mellypLEVEL 75

Comment by mellypGOLD

Well it's true,, some of us were just born beautiful,,,though why couldn't it have been born rich too dang it. Great song choice for you Jim. You always know how to pick em. Loved it

Good luck


gregsmoothLEVEL 78

Comment by gregsmoothGOLD +3

well Jim your my very first listen and just set the bar so darn high we gonna need a ladder to get up to ya brother ,,, love this song so very funny ,,,, it must be tough with all those women ,,, if ya need a hand hers my number 0800ready

ModiglianiLEVEL 63

Comment by Modigliani

I think Jim sings this song to himself every morning. lol... Great way to start the day. lol... Awesome.. Fun... Entertaining... and always well delivered in every way.

Seldy-ShellyLEVEL 71

Comment by Seldy-ShellyGOLD

I've always loved this song, lol, there's a guy around my town that when you ask him how he is, it's always "nearly perfect" and it always reminds me of this song.
a fun way to start out my listens, my friend.
Great job, Jim!!!!

SecDawgFanLEVEL 52

Comment by SecDawgFanGOLD

Awesome entertainment here my friend... Terrific song & sing sir !!

PhyllisG1985LEVEL 77

Comment by PhyllisG1985

Hi ya Jim.
Long time no
Oh my Dad used to sing this song around the house growing up but he couldn't sing a tune in a Brings back memories....
But you my friend sound awesome on this!
Loved your performance , this was very entertaining!
You can sing anything!
Great job!

bubbaglennLEVEL 85

Comment by bubbaglennGOLD +2

Hey it's my theme song. Lol. Great job on this favorite!

Indy_RosserLEVEL 73

Comment by Indy_RosserPATRON

And so it begins!

Sneaking a few minutes whilst waiting to load right here!

I have always loved this ol' Mac Davis song and you've done him justice! I listened earlier on the run, but now I get a chance to write!

BRAVO, mate!

Mo52LEVEL 56

Comment by Mo52GOLD

Haven't heard this for years......a great sing-a-long song.....
Great sing my friend.....really enjoyed my listen


Comment by Bob-S

Haven't heard this one in ages, love this song!

Awesome sing,great performance, loved it. Good luck.


SingingRainbowLEVEL 108

Comment by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS +8

J&D's CG@H#112 coming soon ladies <3 xoxo

Morning Jim I haven't heard this song in a long while. I remember my Mama hated it hahaha!! We used to sing it as kids haha! You sounded terrific !!! Thanks for bringing back some funny memories!!! Awesome sing as always my friend ********************Best of luck to you!!

BeardudeLEVEL 83

Comment by BeardudeGOLD +2

KCCroonerLEVEL 45

Comment by KCCrooner

Such a great song to start my morning with! Love a song that makes me smile and sounds so professionally recorded. Loved my listen and wishing you the best. Julie

KittyDonovan3LEVEL 73

Comment by KittyDonovan3GOLD

Great and unique song! Wonderful performance - putting a smile on my face!