My Grown Up Christmas List by bookittey

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My Grown Up Christmas List


Kelly Clarkson




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I chose this song in hopes that everyone will stop believing what the media puts out these days and just learn to Love each other! Love and forgiveness is so much easier the more you do it, the future depends on it!


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mevinsonLEVEL 7

Comment by mevinson

Beautiful Job!! Just beautiful!!

Dale_SprayberryLEVEL 64

Comment by Dale_SprayberryGOLD

"Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" Merry Christmas! r/c9a11ca43

Very beautiful and easy listen. Vocals are amazing, awesome sing. Love it.

Daydreamer2008LEVEL 97

Comment by Daydreamer2008GOLD +5 +2

Shocktober week 4 r/bd83c350d

Love this song and I were actually thinking about this song wouldbe a perfect future Christmas song!

Wow!! You sound AMAZING! I'm in awe! ****** APPLAUDS!

Good Luck in the contest!

con58976LEVEL 62

Comment by con58976GOLD

Wow so smooth and amazing vocals I loved it 5***** Good Luck you have so much Talent and yes we should realize what Christmas is all about

pipesandchopsLEVEL 56

Comment by pipesandchopsGOLD

I'm in love with KellyT... she's my Rosie...

listening through my car stereo... From the first note, just beauty...

pipesandchopsLEVEL 56

Comment by pipesandchopsGOLD

I'm in love with KellyT... she's my Rosie...

Shades of Olivia peeking through, this is just so gracefully beautiful... Masterful performance lil'Boo! =_)

roger58LEVEL 59

Comment by roger58GOLD

very pretty sing. nice and smooth.just wonderful. really enjoyed this

annaleaLEVEL 66

Comment by annaleaGOLD

Good evening! You're giving an awesome and beautiful performance! I'm enjoying my listen...well done and good luck!


Comment by GlaszEyesGOLD



happyseniorLEVEL 68

Comment by happyseniorGOLD

Listening to this had my mind racing back to the days when I was a child and had real Christmases back home with my loving parents and brothers and sisters. I am grown up now and those days remain just that - a wonderful memory! Beautiful sing.

SingnSallyLEVEL 65

Comment by SingnSallyGOLD

Absolutely lovely!! Bravo missy!!!
Love it!!

oregongirlLEVEL 47

Comment by oregongirl

REALLY REALLY Good Job!!! I flagged ya!

prezleyLEVEL 85

Comment by prezleyGOLD

great entry and song choice as you sang it wonderfully! I enjoyed listening to your wonderful sing! ******** MERRY CHRISTMAS

Toni324LEVEL 82

Comment by Toni324GOLD

Oh My! your voice is stunning! You are flagged

SingingRainbowLEVEL 108

Comment by SingingRainbowSPECIAL-EVENTS +5 +2

J&D's Country girls @ heart#113 Semi-final is Right here!!!

This was stunning girl *******************I share the same dreams you do for peace. Well done !!!!!! This was BEAUTIFUL!!
Best of luck to you!

mack2247LEVEL 87

Comment by mack2247


Gerrit1959LEVEL 13

Comment by Gerrit1959

Beautiful Singing. Love this Song.


Comment by JPSGOLD

OMG ... I could listen to your voice all night long ... beautifully sung!

oregongirlLEVEL 47

Comment by oregongirl

Oregongirl has listened!

Karens_MusicLEVEL 101

Comment by Karens_MusicPATRON +11 +5

Sing whatever you like and have fun with it !!!

You singing a lovely Christmas song and you singing it so so beautiful ! very much enjoyed listening to you !