Come Rain Or Come Shine by Rhayven

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Come Rain Or Come Shine


Bette Midler




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RhayvenLEVEL 3

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Come rain or shine, snow or sleet, ice or storms - Im with you!

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islandgirl54LEVEL 69

Comment by islandgirl54GOLD +2

I love Pennsylvania but way too cold for this Florida gal!

good afternoon Leigh

and a happy New year to you and your family

islandgirl54LEVEL 69

Comment by islandgirl54GOLD +2

I love Pennsylvania but way too cold for this Florida gal!

you got that sultry sexy sound going on

wow!! love this...........

Juanita_M_SimonsLEVEL 2

Comment by Juanita_M_Simons

Wooohoooo ... look who's back.. listening girl.......

Juanita_M_SimonsLEVEL 2

Comment by Juanita_M_Simons

sounding great Leigh .. smooth and perfect as always..

michaelangel2020LEVEL 70

Comment by michaelangel2020GOLD +2

Well howdy darlinnnnnnnnnnn so good to see this wonderful New year........... leigh you always sing so spectacular............

foxylady10017_1_1LEVEL 53

Comment by foxylady10017_1_1GOLD

hey there Leigh....Happy New Year to you and Timmers and your family sweety....

this is wonderful darlinnnnn....... i sooooo love your singing girl...i loves you lady

Lots of stars coming atcha hun....loved this!!!!! Hugglessssss and catcha ya later gator.....


Juanita_M_SimonsLEVEL 2

Comment by Juanita_M_Simons

outstanding sing my friend.. really love to hear you sing .. always so professional.. good to have you back... many *****************'s coming your way girl..

estelle1972LEVEL 32

Comment by estelle1972GOLD

Welcome back, and Happy New Year!!!!!! :-)

What a return it is too Leigh, perfectly gorgeous vocals here.....beautiful.
Looking forward to hearing more of that lovely voice in 2010 my friend!

Estelle xx

peachey528LEVEL 31

Comment by peachey528GOLD

this is terrific pretty gal hugssssss Lisa

Carol-ALEVEL 107

Comment by Carol-APATRON +10


Hi there~ You sure are sounding great,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope your New Years was fantastic.........

You did superb on this song, sending ya all my stars*


Comment by -Renee-GOLD

Well hello Leigh....happy new year! Dont know this swanky little song hehe....but it sounds good!

richard1143LEVEL 57

Comment by richard1143GOLD +2

awesome sing leigh very nice vocals and a happy new year tc richard

EyeoftheEagleLEVEL 103

Comment by EyeoftheEaglePATRON +7

There you are,
missed ya girl,
Happy New Year,
God Bless You Leigh,
Great singing mf,

wolfman1LEVEL 2

Comment by wolfman1

Great song and wonderful singing here my friend loving my listen ty.


Comment by kranstonlamont

Whoppi you really sing this great. I'm at a table at Rick's Cafe in Casablanca haveing a drink with a switzel stick hanging from my mouth (no cigarette) lol and watching you perform this sultry sexy song. Leigh you sound so good as you always do. I enjoyed this very much.


flatduckLEVEL 58

Comment by flatduckGOLD

6 years of life cause of the greatest gift of life be an organ donor

feel like at the piano barrrrrrrrrr bravo sure glad your holidays are overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr back to singing


Comment by -Wild4Singing-GOLD

Hi Leigh Oh wow...what a sensational sing here...this is just Awesome girl! Perfect job...Loved it!***********************!!


deanna12345LEVEL 3

Comment by deanna12345GOLD


PhlebotomizerLEVEL 12

Comment by Phlebotomizer

Hey Leigh , missed you last few days..Happy New Years!!!!
Wow..... Most excellent sing here..... Makes me want to sloooooow dance if ya know what I mean...LOL.... ******************'s


PhlebotomizerLEVEL 12

Comment by Phlebotomizer

Hmmm...Had to listen again.... probalbly my favorite from you.... Love this sing Leigh... You vocals were made for this one !!!!