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Stand By Me


Ben E. King




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SmoothPowerLEVEL 65

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Duet Lovers Challenge #17 "HAPPY DAYS"
We chose this number 1 R&B Hit from 1961. This song has been recorded by over 400 artists and was the 4th most performed song of the 20th century having been performed over 7 million times.
We hope you enjoy!
Red n Rob


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OHlittleredheadLEVEL 53

Comment by OHlittleredheadPATRON

I am SOOOOOO sorry for the last minute rush.....Work has been so damn busy as ya know, and all I had was a short while to sing this!! THANK YOU ROB.......
Awesome as always............YOU ROCK!!

bozobootsLEVEL 66

Comment by bozobootsGOLD

Of the 'over 400 artists' who have performed this song I wonder how many did it this well. And of the ones who did, I wonder how many sang it without benefit of a fully equipped studio. And of those (if any) I wonder who sang it as a time limited rush job.
So you see that no matter how flattering my comments might seem, they would inevitably fall short of fully expressing how wonderful this is!
I do love it!


Comment by oocindylouwhoGOLD

Any one else feel we have been jettisoned into an alternate universe and landed in bazaaroland?

Hi Angie and Rob... I LOVE this one. Jake and I did a duet from it a long time ago. You two sound so great together everytime. I agree with Dennis this is just wonderful. Im so glad you found the time to make it to the Challenge and we are so glad you use some of your limited time to participate with us on the thread. You guys are great! Loved this from you two. HUGS, Jan


Comment by JakeLegendGOLD

Well Angie & Rob! .. better late then never right .. this is THE fav of mine from B.E. King .. and you both did a very good job on it! .. great arrangement and vocals .. solol and harmonies were spot on .. for sure you took a cool song for this challenge .. thank you so much for participating on the challenge .. it all the way and #4 is all yours

sweetmareeLEVEL 79

Comment by sweetmareeGOLD

Oh Angie & Rob. The short time you had to spend on this certainly didn't make any difference to the outcome. This is so wonderful. I love seeing the happiness you both have singing together. Always stop the world and enjoy these moments. You make beautiful music together


Comment by sweetvoice36GOLD

Hi Angie and Rob.....this was worth the wait guys!
Sounding GREAT! it hugs Linda


Comment by BABYBLUE69PATRON +3

Gabby Girl, may you run pain free with your daddy and Beauty. +++

One of my fave songs from that era.. ALMOST suggested it to Jim.. lol
I opted to go with a song I'd never heard before but fell in love with when I youtubed it.

Love how you two sang this, as I love EVERYTHING you two love birds sing.. hehehe... nice video too, as always... helps being able to record with the same equipment and using the same backdrop.. looks like y'all are in the same room WHILE singing!

singingmemeLEVEL 66

Comment by singingmemeGOLD

Well two of my favorite performers performing one of my favorite songs!! How lucky I got today!! This is absolutely wonderful you two....I could see myself out on the dance floor with my Mr. just gliding across the floor and loving the was great you two...loved it very much!!~~Jo~~~

DarladebaeLEVEL 77

Comment by DarladebaeGOLD

wooooooooooooo hooooooooooo love this song and with you two singing it makes it even better.... Red and Rob does it again with this classic oldie... love love love it all the way you two.... perfection hugs Deb

GirlyBLEVEL 92

Comment by GirlyBGOLD +1

Angie and Rob!

This sounds much better than many of those 400 recordings mentioned above. Your harmonies are perfect! I am in the groove listening to you! Such sweet sounds.

Both of you are so blessed vocally. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Duet Lovers!

Love it!

BurkjrLEVEL 77

Comment by BurkjrPATRON

Hi Red n Rob! I have I told you how envious, I am of you two? It must be great to have someone to sing with like this.

BurkjrLEVEL 77

Comment by BurkjrPATRON

You two sound GREAT together! Rob that was some AWESOME vocals on your part! And coach, that was just beautiful. Loved the harmony too! : )