Me And Bobby McGee by SoloSongstress

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SoloSongstress 102


Me And Bobby McGee


Janis Joplin




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MystikKrystalLEVEL 48

Comment by MystikKrystalGOLD

awesome pipes!! great job!

saba9882LEVEL 51

Comment by saba9882GOLD +1

Happiness is not having what you want. It's wanting what you have. Oscar Wilde

Always enjoy hearing you sing mdf! Great performance !!



Very well done I loved my listen

cabannaLEVEL 50

Comment by cabannaGOLD

Enjoyed my listen, you have a good voice! Great song too!

tigers12LEVEL 93

Comment by tigers12GOLD +3

brilliant singing from you hun this was lovely I loved my listen xxxxx


Comment by LeenyBeeGOLD +2

The New Beta Is Not User Friendly For Me

What a Great song choice Foxy Roxy, gonna set right back here and Enjoy this Show! Ooooweeeeeee you sound Incredible singin' this song Girl! Woohooey...... AWESOME RAWKIN'...... Woot Woot ..... I Loved it!

Adriana_8LEVEL 67

Comment by Adriana_8GOLD

Outstanding performance & loved my listen! It! ***********************************

Capt_BooneLEVEL 91

Comment by Capt_BoonePATRON


Capt_BooneLEVEL 91

Comment by Capt_BoonePATRON

Bravo on a song that really fits this festival. Bravo on a great performance of this classic.

cantmakemymindupLEVEL 87

Comment by cantmakemymindupGOLD

great sing!!!!

Peter_1965LEVEL 81

Comment by Peter_1965GOLD

Excellent choice and delivery.. Really loved listening to you!

DaveoliverLEVEL 96

Comment by DaveoliverGOLD +1

Hi lovely friend sounding wonderful here a beautiful performance here listening

-Bev-LEVEL 107

Comment by -Bev-SPECIAL-EVENTS +5

Life is not a fairytale if you lose your shoe at midnight're drunk!

A great Janis Joplin song choice...woooooo hooooo and AWESOME sing you did here hon!!!! YOu ROCKED this one for sure!!!! Well done and Good luck!!! Hugs Bev

bobbybluesman48LEVEL 85

Comment by bobbybluesman48GOLD +2

Lovely song my dear. This was my late room mates favorite song. Every time i would set down to record a song for sing snap she would insist that i sing Bobby McGee. God Bless her. She had stroke before she moved in with us and result was short time memory loss and after i had sang the song for her 15 mins later she would ask "When are going to sing Bobby McGee for me waaa you promised"
That was a lovely sing my dear.

rosearose8LEVEL 94

Comment by rosearose8GOLD +1

Hey Roxy…..Janis....has always been my fav.....rockin it goods here,,,,loved it...hugs

sylviapl65LEVEL 82

Comment by sylviapl65GOLD +2

enjoyed my listen to your lovely sing!****************************Sylvia!

scarletwitch36LEVEL 98

Comment by scarletwitch36GOLD +1

This is one of my favorites, love listening to it, you did a great rendition

KaraokeKrackpotLEVEL 65

Comment by KaraokeKrackpotGOLD

Great blast from the past song choice, hun!!!! You're sounding Sensational, my friend, and I'm Loving my listen!!!! Way to get the party started!!!!!
Hugs ~Sue~

Bear50LEVEL 96

Comment by Bear50GOLD +2

In 2 weeks I hope to be standing for the 1st time with my prostetic leg*S* it's been a long road

your Demented BoogieBear One Paw is here and is LOVING what I'm hearing*S* very NICELY Done my Friend..

ya got my demented bear dancing to the Beat*lol*

clicked Your LIB on the way out*S*

lindy_annLEVEL 94

Comment by lindy_annPATRON +1

What's meant to be will always find its way.

Here listening Rox

Love Janis Joplin. You picked a great song. Perfect for the theme and you nailed it perfectly. Way to bring it.