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From time to time, I get requests for 'original' music here at Casa d' SingSnap. I really tend to shy away from originals here, for many reasons, but occasionally I do make exceptions to just about every rule. This is something that my sons and I threw together recently....please humor me while I show them off a bit!
I have to apologize for the quality....since this is the first time I've used this feature, I may not have it right yet!

For those that have asked, I've put this song up in a high-quality version that can be downloaded FREE at :
Thanks, again!! MLP

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sweetnoteLEVEL 79

Comment by sweetnoteGOLD

OMG! This is simply BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for sharing this one. Downloading it so I can Listen Over and OVER! Hugs--Sweetnote


Comment by PEACHIE

Love the heavenly sounds I hear...........


Love the vocals, music and lyrics!!!!

Perfect package indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


captgio2LEVEL 43

Comment by captgio2GOLD

Great music MLP Thoroughly enjoyed my listen MF.... Bravo.....Bravo ....... Gio

SouthernHoneyLEVEL 71

Comment by SouthernHoneyGOLD


SouthernHoneyLEVEL 71

Comment by SouthernHoneyGOLD

I am blown away.....The magic man has magical sons!!!
Thank you sooooooooooo much for sharing their awesome talents ,as well as yours!! Casa d' SingSnap is honoured!!!..You guys have made my morning go from bah to beautiful!!! ;0)

SouthernHoneyLEVEL 71

Comment by SouthernHoneyGOLD

AWESOME ....I LOVE THE GORGEOUS VOCALS & MUSIC~! many oxoxoxox & Kentucky stars~!
Putting it on my Playlist!!.. SAXXY MAN,Thank
you very much 4sharing~!xox,Betty

D-alexanderLEVEL 23

Comment by D-alexanderGOLD

OMG! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Listening.............

Adriane_MLEVEL 70

Comment by Adriane_M

oh my godness listen to that Voice listening ...........

KoilsLEVEL 103

Comment by KoilsPATRON +3

For SS I Love My Computer challenge - Good Morning Starshine- from Hair - smile and jump in the air!

Wow, that was a great treat for all of us!
Wonderful playing and some beautiful singing!
Thanks for sharing this with us!

Just_KevLEVEL 22

Comment by Just_KevGOLD

Wow! Is right!! This is AWESOME!!! Lovin this sound!!!!! I could hear this on the radio right now and gettin lots of air time!!!! Kudos to you and your sons MLP!!! VERY COOL!!!!

Loved This!!!!!


Adriane_MLEVEL 70

Comment by Adriane_M

my ears are happy this is A Beautiful arrangment I can see him on stage on a stool and one leg is on the footsie thing and Proud Papa doing what he does best well i was not surprised here you Play your Instruments very well and now we here the MLP family on this Original song and composition and its Gorgeous through and through the flute is so soothing here with his voice just flows like gentle ripples from a drop of water them off more Please loved my listen ty Blesings to you all hugs kiss kiss Nat :)))

D-alexanderLEVEL 23

Comment by D-alexanderGOLD

Sounded great on this end!

Love the lyrics and the music!

Wow, wow, wow!


D-alexanderLEVEL 23

Comment by D-alexanderGOLD

Had an interruption, but that allows just more listen time!

Beautiful guys! Hope you all do more of these. Sons and father!

sharelle78LEVEL 35

Comment by sharelle78GOLD

Excellent playing & vocals!!

Everything I heard seem outstanding....

Awesome job, Father & sons!!!!



Comment by angel69



Comment by peggyjoyGOLD +5

Very nice, MLP family!


Comment by angel69

This was outstanding..Very tallented family..You shouldn't be on sing snap though..You should be out on the road singing to fans..This was Superb..Starsssssssssss *********** falling all of your ways..Thank you so much for sharing your tallent with us..Have a great day..God Bless you and yours..



Comment by peggyjoyGOLD +5

I love it that it's you on stage, but a man with a different name. What an appropriate lyric.

I'm totally transported by your flute, M.


Comment by Songbird323GOLD

I love it! Sounds incredible! :~)

SunseekerLEVEL 30

Comment by SunseekerGOLD

Hi MLP and Sons, Sure is a LOT of talent in this family. This is really fantastic, not sure who is singing but he is great. Really loved this, very professionally done, worthy of publishing IMHO. All the best to all of you. Ray