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Can't We Try


Dan Hill & Vonda Shepard




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Thank you Will. As promised, I took a double dose of decongestant just to be able to sing this...Now I'm bouncing off walls and my fingers tingle, but I am Claritin clear! Good thing I have my priorities straight!

DISCLAIMER...(This recording is probably headed to the trash bin, just like all the rest that I've tried in the last few days...after I posted, I listened again and think that my part needs some work...I think I posted prematurely cause I was so excited just to be able to make sound...Hmm, Perhaps my ears were still congested...Will's part is perfect, as brilliant as usual.

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songbirdyLEVEL 12

Comment by songbirdy

Rainbow thingIE..........CHECK...;-)

I love this song.... Not an easy one to sing.....

Claritin clear as a bell singing....WOOHOO!!

Love the harmonies.... Excellent job!!


Comment by ianandwendy

Gorgeous. The harmony and blend are fab! I always look forward to your collaborations.

I used to look forward to watching Ally McBeal just to see Vonda...

Smile therapy...



Comment by SuniShineGOLD

LMBO at your comment up there Roberta....
This was beautiful harmonizing you two..
Always sound fantastic together...
Ejoying my listen today...


Comment by SonsiGOLD


I actually thought i was the Queen of allergies drugs !

-Jay-LEVEL 53

Comment by -Jay-GOLD

I took pain meds just to feel like getting out of the bed today.
Guess we're all just doped up today huh? haha ;P

-Jay-LEVEL 53

Comment by -Jay-GOLD

My fingers aren't tingly...
they're just sorta......there.
Know what I mean?


Comment by SonsiGOLD

Beautiful you two! just doing my evening round !

-Jay-LEVEL 53

Comment by -Jay-GOLD

The pain meds also made me want to go BACK to bed btw...
Not possible though. My dogs are tards.
They make to much noise for me to sleep, even in a zombified state....

-Jay-LEVEL 53

Comment by -Jay-GOLD

Ok, so I don't know this song. I know, big surprise huh? I'm a dork....

You two sound wonderful together though.
Beautiful singing and harmony, Roberta & Will!

WravensWingLEVEL 68

Comment by WravensWingGOLD

LOL - Claritin is quite nice, isn't it?!?

You both sound exsquisite on this!!! Beautiful duet!

UncleDaveLEVEL 4

Comment by UncleDave

this is absolutely fabulous both of you...

Will.....freaking amazing setup!!!! i can't say enough ever about your quality..

and i'm soooooooo glad you found the claritin!! this is gorgeous, your tone is light and sweet and a perfect counterpart....

thank you both...


Comment by bballbomber

Sounds good. (It was kind of nice this morning though when you couldn't talk or sing.)


Comment by bballbomber

just sayin


Comment by AriennePATRON

Hey your comment is a commercial for Claritin!! I want some of that stuff if it can make me sound as good as you Roberta!! lol

This is soooooooo gorgeous!


Comment by AriennePATRON

My connection went down - so I came back again. YOU BOTH SOUNDED AMAZING.
This was so outstanding :o)

werewoofLEVEL 37

Comment by werewoofGOLD

I knew someone totally cool would jump on this!!!!!!

Dang it Roberta! even all sick 'n congested you just sound so awesome!!!

werewoofLEVEL 37

Comment by werewoofGOLD

And Will!

well you know how amazing I think you are!


werewoofLEVEL 37

Comment by werewoofGOLD

What am I saying "think" ???

"KNOW" !!!!!


Comment by Daniela4LuvGOLD

Music is the window to my soul <3

Two gorgeous voices and what I love most is how "strong" your vocals are-Super powerful!!! Love it.. Er..Loved this!!!!! Beautiful song.....Sweet meaning



Comment by SongmanTooGOLD

Hey Roberta! you sound amazing...Nice, strong, deep vocals...