Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! by JCD

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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!


Dean Martin




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A Duet Partner-Swap Christmas CD (Playlist) Project!

A group of us "Duet Partner-Swappers" decided to create a Christmas CD (well .... playlist). Song choices were submitted and partners and songs assigned.

I was paired with wonderful SeanGill (our very own Engelbert Humperdinck) and one of our favorite songs was "Let It Snow".

Thanks Sean .... you know I LOVE singing with ya!

So ... here is our contribution to the Christmas project!

(Actually ..... I could easily live without SNOW! It's so DARN COLD!)

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doughboyLEVEL 35

Comment by doughboy

Wonderful job you two .............I agree with you ....I hate the snow.......except on Christmas..............Rod


Comment by XANADUDE



Comment by Steve1492

YAY...esnips is working. Great job you two!! I'm with you Jane..I could live without snow too. Lucky for us we have all this great music and the wonderful friendships we've made here on Singsnap to keep us warm.

Six_String_kountryLEVEL 43

Comment by Six_String_kountryGOLD

Wow! This is fabulous! What a team! Y'all sound great together, makes me want snow! I could listen to this again and again, I already know that I will be wearing this CD out! I loved every second Jane & Sean!

PartimeLEVEL 48

Comment by PartimeGOLD

Well now I'm getting in the Christmas spirit ! ! ! ! Loved it . . .

SherwinLEVEL 81

Comment by SherwinGOLD

This is greatttt!! BBRRRRRRRRRR I can really feel it, Let it snowwwww.

SherwinLEVEL 81

Comment by SherwinGOLD

WOW beautiful tandem professional sounding entry. loved it.

caught that kiss Jane, got it on my right cheek.

SherwinLEVEL 81

Comment by SherwinGOLD

JCD & SeanGill this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Enjoyed my listen and really put me in christmas mood.

Off I go....got to start buying gifts (for myself hehe).


Comment by RVgirl

Loved every note of this!!!!

Sounds sooo professional! Jane you do such a wonderful job of adding in all the background harmonies and extras - it's the icing on the magnificent cake!

I'll be back for another listen for sure!

tonedefLEVEL 37

Comment by tonedefGOLD


Great mixing here and the both of you sound sooooo good.


tonedefLEVEL 37

Comment by tonedefGOLD

Hehe nice ending!!

nursenessaLEVEL 57

Comment by nursenessa

This is So Beautiful!
You two sound Excellent!!!
A Gorgeous Sing, and the Best Rendition
Just Perfect!
I love it!

Not in Philly Though!!! lol


Comment by RVgirl

I'm ba-ack! sounds even better the second time! Perfection on the key change!!... and all the way through!
Loved it!!

singwizmikeLEVEL 20

Comment by singwizmike

WOW you two. This sounds like it could be released on the radio!!! WOW

XtineLEVEL 63

Comment by XtineGOLD

I've lost hours of my life I will never get back! I need to take a break from Beta now!!

Listening Jane and Sean :0)

XtineLEVEL 63

Comment by XtineGOLD

I've lost hours of my life I will never get back! I need to take a break from Beta now!!

Oh...this is absolutely terrific!! So professional....just perfect and it really should be released on radio!! I'm loving this one! Well done guys!! :0) ****** Hugs Christine

Karoke-JodiLEVEL 54

Comment by Karoke-JodiGOLD

Hey you two! I'm a little behind with my viewing. Just totally outstanding. Beautiful blend of voices!



spideyscottLEVEL 44

Comment by spideyscott

this is really beautifully done you two!!bravo!!

jimscotLEVEL 5

Comment by jimscotGOLD

just happened on here...glad i did...notice name of six_string_country my good friend .and you to scott.....so checked this out great idea ..and you guys singing was just perfect ...jimscot

silkysylviaLEVEL 40

Comment by silkysylviaGOLD




SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!