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Lionel Richie




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LaniBug21LEVEL 45

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Had no idea this ended in a picardy third...lol

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skokenosLEVEL 55

Comment by skokenosGOLD +1

gotta hate them picardy third thingies....lol

skokenosLEVEL 55

Comment by skokenosGOLD +1

looks like I got off the toilet just in the nick of time

Generic1122LEVEL 2

Comment by Generic1122

You have such a lovely and unique voice, i tell people about your voice all the time, i must say i am so impressed with it, hope this finds you having a lovely evening my friend. many stars on the way. your friend and FAN mark

skokenosLEVEL 55

Comment by skokenosGOLD +1

I'm still waiting for the picardy third thingie to happen :|

skokenosLEVEL 55

Comment by skokenosGOLD +1

Hmmm, it must have gotten erased ...lmao

skokenosLEVEL 55

Comment by skokenosGOLD +1

but at least I didnt hear any flying cockroaches

skokenosLEVEL 55

Comment by skokenosGOLD +1

Great job as usual, buglady



Comment by DMAL

Such a pretty, romantic song. Lani, this is gorgeous- the best version I`ve heard. You never fail to produce beautiful music. Hugs, Dave


Comment by DMAL

(you must be an arts major...with your literary and musical profile messages)

drunkindrumbumLEVEL 20

Comment by drunkindrumbum

wow I can just close my eyes and get shivers and chills up and down my body. Holy moly that voice is so soft and smoothing and everything you could want and more. Wow wow wow wow I think I could go on and on and on.


Comment by SongmanTooGOLD

beautiful singing... at first it sounded like your mic had some effect on it, to give your voice this funky, techno, almost muffled, pop sound, but must be just your mic or set up, cuz when you got louder, your vocals really shone through.

Most people, in general, don't know what a picardy third is... but what they do, or will, know is what an exceptional singer you are. It's always good to hear a new talented person on this site. True talent is often hard to come by, in all honesty... and you definitely have it. Again, beautiful, amazing singing.

-scott-LEVEL 50

Comment by -scott-GOLD

Oh my, Lionell was one of the people I patterned my stlye as I was growing up. I can't imagine a better use of his music, than this here. Absolutely wonderful! I'm very glad you stopped by, because I always return the favor, and wouldn't wanted to have missed this voice. You are flagged! 5 *'s here of course! I'll be listening!


Comment by Arizona22Rose

You are one of the best singers on Sing Snap and all over. Great talent you possess, mdf.
Use it wisely.....A great God-given talent. You are either a pro or striving to be a pro....You sure have the voice, style and personality to make it......Go for it, kiddo. Standing "O" for you, gal.
Loved my listen.


Comment by Arizona22Rose

I nominated this one for the HOF , too.....You are going to shine forth, any minute, now. Your talent can't go unnoticed for too long......Word of mouth will put you way out in front.
HOF.....what a talent.

Mr_AdaLEVEL 56

Comment by Mr_AdaGOLD

Very very lovely. I am glad Rosie sent me over.



Comment by natachkaly

your voice is very good just realy beautiful wow your a star 10 for you

Ninja_in_high_heelsLEVEL 8

Comment by Ninja_in_high_heels

giving me goosebumps here...wow!!! i am really loving my listen...

taekwondavidLEVEL 3

Comment by taekwondavid

impressive!! LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!!

alwaystosingLEVEL 2

Comment by alwaystosing

I could listen to you all day long, bravo.


Comment by BJToile

alright...a lil' something different from Lani