Seven Years by Tove_Sophia

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Seven Years


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*This will be my last song for a while .... *

Thank you all for having been such wonderful friends, and for giving me so many smiles through the years ..... Every one of them just shows the Blessings that has surrounded me each day (and nights )
It's not a goodbye, as I never use that word .... and I will always be close by the places where music is being loved and played ....

I will visit friends from time to time .... or just poke a nose here and there ...

I hope to find you all safe and "SOUND" when I sneak in from time to time ..... and will give put my trust in the word "behaving" ... hehehe

And yes.. about the song.... I messed up... but that is a great line to end my posting here though..... (you all will recon me just by those few words... hehehe)

Hugs, love and smiles .........


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Comment by AfriqueGOLD

First.....pushed the button for this awesome sing!


Comment by AfriqueGOLD

Second......enjoy what you will be doing.....lots of us is going to miss you!


Comment by AfriqueGOLD

Messed up??????? Something must be wrong be with my ears because I dont hear a mess........

Poke poke!!

Your friend...... LInda

LesmuddeyLEVEL 65

Comment by LesmuddeyGOLD +1

Hello Tove.....I found you again and now you are off.....will wait for you. Beautiful performance. I loved it


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

Lets liten to what treat you are dishing up for us now Tove


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

oops listen lol


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

Playing it again


Comment by GlesgamanGOLD

Such a beautiful song and a wonderful backing track.. this is special Tove your voice is perfect for this song.. Just love listening to you sweet young lady.. Warms my old heart to hear you hugs xxx Jimmy


Comment by relaxedGOLD

Tove my sweet long time friend...Not around very much myself now and so glad I caught this one from you........Just to listen to that gorgeous voice again is just wonderful........You look and sound awseome Tove and oh what a beautiful song you have chose for your last sing for a while? So hope you return soon.. Until then my dear friend..I wish you all the very best and send you hugs,love and blessings always...Johnxx

MarneyLEVEL 53

Comment by MarneyGOLD

I was sad to read that you will not be around much anymore dearest Tove.
It will not be the same here without you - but we will have to struggle along without you. I just hope you will be back before not too many days have flown by - as we will so miss you.

Beautiful song ringing in my ears Tove.
Loved it.
Many hugs and much love, Mar xoxoxoxoxo


Comment by sherlotoGOLD

Are you leaving SingSnap Tove???????
No more singing from you????
I'm very sad my sweet friend!!!!
This song is sweet and you did a magical
sing here.
I hope and pray all is well with you!!!!

God bless and hugs, smiles and mostestestest love.
(How I will miss typing that to you!!!)
Your friend always ~ Sher xoxoxo


Comment by dancewantabeGOLD

Good Morning Tove,

well,.... it was,until I read your message under song..
I know you have obligation that must be taken care of, but I will miss, just knowing you are not here..Who is going to help me with s/s problems,,, smile!

I sang a song last night and I think it is the first time, none of my close friends, but one, and you this morning are singing, and you tell me you are going away..

Maybe it is me,,,he ..he...!

well, some days, I want to leave and then I hear a sweet song or get a precious comment and I can't go.. so here I am, listening..singing, commenting or chatting.. I hope we still get to chat.. ..
I am going to beach today, with daughter and granddaughter, so better get packed, and car gassed up...

I will be waiting to hear from you in some form.
You are one of my first friends on s/s and I do not intend to lose you.. I will see you on f/b but can not always translate,,,smile!

love you big girl.. take care!


Comment by dancewantabeGOLD

Oh dear, I got so taken with your message above, that I forgot to comment on song
the little girl sounds so sad and many of us... you have a way with getting the most from a song and making us feel the message in the lyrics... its like reading a good book or watching a good movie to watch and hear you sing

watching you as you sing.. I want to cry...
this song is new to me... I must learn it..

Tove, come back soon, I am going to miss you,

I still hope to meet one day, Maybe when you get settled , I can visit.. and you know you are always welcome to my home...

loves you,


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD

Such a sweet little song... and so sweetly sung, Smikty!


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD

Hope you have a good "real life" while you are gone from us. You'll always be in my heart.

MrsBopLEVEL 61

Comment by MrsBopGOLD

Will would definitely miss your sweet voice, Tove..take care and remember to visit often. This song is beautiful, like your voice.

wranglerLEVEL 92

Comment by wranglerGOLD +6 +4

sorry you are not going to be here tove, we will miss your beautiful singing. you aced this great song and i sure enjoyed my listen. 5*******************************************s hugs DON


Comment by Generic10415

Tove, you may be away from sing snap for a season but you will never ever be able to leave my heart. You have been my mentor and inspiration so many times when I felt like packing it in and at those times you always seemed to come along with a comment or PM that lifted me up and gave me motivation to carry on. I will miss you dearly and will pray for the day that you will soon return. You look and sound beautiful and remember keep smiling. Your friend always and forever. Love ya with a big hug, EddyBear xoxoxoxox

waltkoLEVEL 53

Comment by waltkoGOLD

I'm late getting to this beautiful song , but I would never miss it

waltkoLEVEL 53

Comment by waltkoGOLD

What a gorgeous smile you give us at the end Tove