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Roxy Music




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kimkimcherieLEVEL 25

Recording information by kimkimcherieGOLD

gee... this is either very creative, or i'm a big geek... but it was fun, yes? LOL ended up somewhat tangled in cords... but, hey! that's the whole point.

one of my alltime favorite tunes... welcome back brian

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noelsgrandpaLEVEL 10

Comment by noelsgrandpa

OK now I am laffing. I was watching the video before reading your comments and I said "I wonder if Kim ever danced?" Who knows but "damm" I said "she is nothing if not creative" LOL and "holy crap batman she sure can sing"

oceanwhisperLEVEL 30

Comment by oceanwhisperGOLD

Creative oh my yes! this is awesome
i have not heard this song- enjoyed my listen
you deserve zillions of stars

TreyLEVEL 26

Comment by Trey

Dancing and singing on the beach ..... That'll do for me... Excellent Kim!!!


Comment by zero

Oh yesssss, most fabulous....fun to watch and listen to. Very beautiful, visually and on the ears.


Comment by WinxGOLD

lol you're not a geek r u Kim, I thought the whole vid/sing was brilliantly cooooooooooooooooool, great performance g/f. Hugs

DescantoLEVEL 59

Comment by DescantoPATRON

Kim... It is Fantastic to hear You sing this one for many reasons...For one thing, because of the Beautiful job You sing always sing it...And, also, because (if there's a video) You always show Your Great dancing moves...But, another reason is that once You told me that this is a song You will only sing if You feel Your voice is "ready for it".... So Glad it was, my Friend... Sensational job...Loved the listen.....5 Big Stars and Texas Hugs.....Tom

Al_DSilva1967LEVEL 43

Comment by Al_DSilva1967GOLD

do love this roxy tuneeeee didnt even think this was on here

wonderful sing here mf

enjoyed my listen

angelelissaLEVEL 28

Comment by angelelissaGOLD

well now...this is another winner!!! just love your voice!! sonja


Comment by WombatboyGOLD

Wow, this is amazing, your singing and dancing are wonderful. See, geeks can be creative too. I thought you only tapdanced, though? LOL! 5++ Stars and a HOF nomination too. Hugzz Barry

BrentBlueLEVEL 27

Comment by BrentBlueGOLD

Hi Kim...

There you go, confirming again....wonderfully again...

that you don't just come here to sing....you come here to create...to find an expression for a part of your soul...to make a thing of beauty by adding your own to that which is there to be enhanced by your touch...

Reinventing what you bring here, so many times, in so many ways...why this part, your part of this place, is such a delight to enjoy...

How fitting that scene is behind you...because this is an oasis..

Thank you, my friend...

kimkimcherieLEVEL 25

Comment by kimkimcherieGOLD

Damn... Maybe I won't delete it... LOL How did I manage to get all the cool peeps to be my friends?

rocnrollLEVEL 23

Comment by rocnroll

I am complete..... Kim doing some Roxy music ...wow ..

X rocnroll