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My all (acoustic) by saba9882

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My all (acoustic)


Mariah Carey




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Fortunately I have many happy moments and situations to remember ...but I want to link this memory to music , so my mind goes back to end of July 2017 .

I was on holiday in Ischia Island (where I go whenever I can) with a group of 25 friends from our volleyball sportclub. The hotel was absolutely fabulous overlooking a blue bay with palm trees spa ,indoor outdoor swimming pools and 9 thermal pools ...a real paradise ! Well one evening after diner there was a singer playing an acoustic guitar in front of the main pool where we were all relaxing and at one stage he asked if anyone wanted to sing . I had never sung in a live karaoke before , but I was literally pushed up to the microphone by my friends and the only acoustic song that came to my head was this one . The guitar man played it fabulously and I can remember my heart beating so fast and all eyes on me , but then when I finished there was silence ...I froze and nearly fainted thought OMG I have ruined the song ... but then everyone started clapping loudly .....it was such an emotion!

Only 3 weeks after this happened there was an earthquake in Ischia that completely ruined the hotel (which has never re-opened) and some of my fondest thoughts and memories are tied to this beautiful hotel and magical island....

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