Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough by RedAmy64

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Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough


Patty Smyth & Don Henley




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Sorry about the dogs barking in the background. Its hard to get through a song without them barking..

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clive_christianLEVEL 66

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well my friend THE DOG JUST REACTS ON WHAT YOU DID ON YOUR PARTS thats ok , i really admire this duets ..oh my GOD ......THE ACCENT SEEMS SO VERY CLOSED when i listen THIS IS AMAZING WOW .......this is a big surprise for me that you could really made this a tribute of our duets in the past years ,,,,,,,your vocals are so recognized by that solidarity of your takes ,,,,,a very dynamic vocals ive ever had heard and joined in singsnap....pure and accurate when it comes to notes tone and timing youre always there to deliver a very memorable company for duets i am wishing you the best of all time singsnappers that can ever reach one of the biggest accomplishments ....your skills in singing are becoming more brighter and brighter each day and everyday as you go on sharing your passions of music to people .......thank you my friend for a big challenges youve shown me from then and now ..........listeners will really loved you eventhough they dont comment , they will listen to it bec it is not boring to the hear when you did your takes all the time its becoming more perfect as ever .....please stay like that and always remember we will still see each other on our current performances up to the last song that we are going to share to the world ...thank you AMY LYN for your friendships .....may GOD bless and keep you and your family forever with your sweet lovely environment that you have been taking careof since then till now , the God given talents were treasured in your spirits and your love ones today and forever .....sincerely your friend